There are many reports backed statistics which state the impact of wine upon the health of the people. The adverse effect of alcohol on the condition of the kidney has always been discussed in the medical field because of its manifestation and impacts. Lately, many reports were undertaken to study whether the intake of alcohol positively affects the health at all. Later in the finding, it was cleared as the findings that out of all the alcoholic beverages, wine is consumed in a limited quantity can have a good impact upon the condition of the kidneys. Since there is already an established relationship between limited intake of alcohol with health benefits to the heart, the connection of wine with the health of the kidneys was further researched to see how exactly intake of wine helped. As per reports from a trusted source, the intake of wine decreases the levels of protein in the urine. It has to be considered that it is only true when the amount of wine intake is moderate. The lower level of protein in the urine is good for reducing the risk of kidney diseases.

To the question of which wine is better for kidney, is it red wine or white fine? We found your answer and voila! Red Wine. The advantage of red wine for good condition of the kidneys is particularly based upon the process through which it is created. The process of fermentation of red wine is an assorted together with the skins, seeds, and stem of the grape. The beautiful red pigmentation of red wine is also derived from the same as enriches it with healthy plant compounds. The composition of red wine provides various health benefits which are not only good for the kidneys but also have a similar impact on the heart.

The most important thing that should always be considered before linking the relationship between the consumption of red wine and health of kidney is that the quantity of intake should be acknowledged. Any research which states that wine is good for kidney specifically focuses on the moderate amount of alcohol which should not cross the limit. If the standard limits of wine intake are crossed, the benefits are cancelled out which results into adverse effects upon the kidneys.

To study the adverse effect of alcohol on kidneys, we have to see how alcohol interferes with the functioning of the kidney. The kidneys perform filtration of blood which keeps the toxic elements out of our body. The consumption of alcohol leads to dehydration of the body which simultaneously acts on the other cells and organs of the body. It is clearly advised to not drink alcohol is because human beings are often not capable of limiting the amount of alcohol intake and as clear as it could be chronic drinking is a major threat on the health of the liver which also affects the kidneys which can disarray the normal function of kidneys. And the failure of the liver is associated with dysfunctioning of kidneys.

Both chronic drinking and binge drinking is not good for the health of the kidneys. The intake of too much alcohol at a time that is binge drinking can lead to acute kidney injury in which the kidneys of the affected person stop to perform normally which needs emergency medical attention and at times, dialysis.

As the kidney specialists say that major conditions of kidney diseases are associated with high blood pressure and alcohol primarily does that. If the consumption of alcohol crosses the standard a limit, it triggers an increase in the blood pressure is which is not only bad for heart but also severely impacts the condition of the kidneys and if the person is on medications for any heart problem with deals with high blood pressure, the effect provided by the medication is cancelled out by the consumption of alcohol.

All of these arguments are based on observations and trusted reports of how intake of alcohol is not good for health even though moderate drinking can have positive effects, it is still advised to not consume alcohol. Any research or report should not become a reason for a person to start drinking alcohol. Staying away is much better than consuming a little and then crossing the limit.

Even though the consumption of alcohol is looked down upon as an inclining factor towards an unhealthy lifestyle which can cause serious impacts on health and general well-being but the kidney specialists in Jaipur say there is a loophole. Keeping the base of their statement on the standard findings of eminent researches which were undertaken by the top-notch institutions which are affiliated to the medical field, they state that a little consumption of wine is actually good for health. The composition of wine is enriched with elements who are packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics. We contacted the best kidney treatment hospital in India to know which kind of wine is good for the condition of kidneys and the answer was red wine. Even though both red wine and white wine have similar impacts on the health but red wine has a slightly higher composition of vitamin and minerals which boosts the condition of the kidneys and reduces the risks of chronic kidney diseases.

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