Wire mesh cable tray which is also known as a basket cable tray is a type of cable management system made of stainless steel cables. The system is designed by welding together stainless steel cables in the form of a basket-like mesh. Lately, it is noticed that wire mesh cable trays are gaining more popularity in the market. Clients have been demanding wire cable trays from cable tray manufacturers which clearly signs that this type of cable tray has won more clients in the cable management industry. So, let us today learn what makes the system so popular in the industry.
Wire mesh cable trays are cost-effective and require less steel than other types of tray cables. The design of the wire mesh with openings requires a lot less raw materials to manufacture, which is reduces the overall manufacturing costs. Considering the most common or rather in-demand cable tray size 300mm x 50mm, the standard wire mesh cable tray having wire width 5.0mm will weigh 2.19kg/m in comparison to channel cable trays with material thickness 1.0 mm will be about 3.1kg/m. This saves on the material cost required for the cable tray system. The benefit of cost saving is passed on to the customers. Besides, wire mesh cable trays in general are less expensive.
Better support range-
Unlike the channel cable tray or the ladder cable tray which provides an approximate 1.5m supporting range, a wire mesh cable trays can provide 2.0m at full limit. This reduces the overall establishment costs. They are typically used for low voltage, telecommunication, and fiber optic cables supported on short spans.
Solution for any industry-
Cable tray manufacturers in Mumbai design tray cables that can practically be used in any industry. This would include fiber optic installations in data centers, data cabling in offices, manufacturing, or harsh environment industries such as oil and gas. The Wire mesh cable trays are available in different options to include galvanized, hot-dipped, stainless, polyethylene, etc. to meet any project requirements.
Easy and Quick Installation
Wire mesh cable trays are lighter in weight and designed dynamically by cable tray manufacturers for easy and quick installation. They can easily be installed by an individual and will take less time for installation in comparison with other cable tray systems.
Adaptable Cable Management
Wire mesh cable trays are designed as flexible and dynamic in nature. Being an open structure provides them an easy exit. What's more, the wire mesh cable trays are more adaptable to different and complex conditions making them the ideal equipment for even the most complex environment.
Better ventilation -The ventilation limit of wire cable trays is far more superior to a perforated cable tray offered by a perforated cable tray manufacturer. Due to their open structure, they are generally the best equipment for heat ventilation.
Appropriate against fire hazards
Cable tray manufacturers in Mumbai develop wire mesh cable trays that chemical, moisture resistant and also ensure the appropriate working of the system in an event of a fire. What's more interesting is that since they are an open structure, the cable trays would ensure smoke alarms and fire sprinklers would not be impeded.
Simple to Maintain
Since wire mesh cable trays are an open structure, it is easy to discover electrical and correspondence issues. So detection and fixing of issues are a lot easier with wire mesh cable trays which help us conclude that cable trays are easy to maintain.

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