A lot of students opt to pursue B.Com or Bachelors in Commerce after completing their higher secondary education. B.Com is an undergraduate course of three years that focuses on commerce subjects like accounting, finance, taxation, to name a few. The course curriculum helps students to develop the skills required to work in the trade and commerce sector.

Before making the decision to study, it is important to know everything about the course. Here are some details about the B.Com course.

B.Com combines business studies with commerce subjects. The course curriculum focuses on building business acumen, managerial skills and business analytics along with financial and accounting knowledge. The main subjects of the course are statistics, economics, finance, cost accounting, English, human resources, law, marketing, accounting, computer science and many more. Along with classroom lectures, students are assigned case studies and projects to enhance important skills like critical thinking, communication and problem-solving.

Which is the best B.Com college in Raipur?

C.V Raman University, Bilaspur is the best B.Com college in Raipur. Regular activities and events like guest lectures and conferences keep the students engaged in the course material. Experts in the field are invited to these events, which gives the students the opportunity to interact with them, and to learn from their experiences. The course is restructured multiple times to keep students up to date with all the latest developments like GST, which is the indirect tax levied in India on the supply of goods and services, and demonetization which is the process of stripping a currency unit of its status. These activities add value and novelty to the education system.

Practical training, as well as research-oriented training, is offered in subjects like finance, taxation, marketing, labour, cooperation, international business, and e-commerce. This is one of the reasons CVRU Bilaspur is one of the best commerce colleges in India.

Since a lot of students opt for higher education, M.Com is offered at the university as well.

What are the career opportunities available to students who complete their B.Com course?

There is no shortage of job opportunities available in this field, as every industry today is looking for good commerce graduates. Selling skills are important for every industry. There is always a demand for commerce students, which means there is no end to the kind of job opportunities available for them. For example, every company needs an accountant to keep track of their profits and losses. Working as a tax consultant is another great option.

Here are some of the most popular job positions open for commerce graduates.

1-Chartered financial assistants
2- Certified public accountants
3- Financial risk manager

CVRU Bilaspur has a good placement cell that helps students get placements after graduation. A lot of reputed companies visit the campus for recruitment, which is why you can be sure that you would get a job after graduation. For more information on the course, do visit the website www.cvru.ac.in

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