In 1926, Bottecchia began working with frame-maker Teodoro Carnielli to manufacture racing bikes, taking advantage of his Tour de France knowledge. The business expanded under the Carnielli family after Bottecchia's death. In 2006 more than 50,000 Bottechia bikes were sold in Europe. If you are looking for frames, we just got the best, the Bottechia frames.Bottecchia frames are one of the most outstanding and the best frames you can choose from.

These Bottecchia bicycle frames are so good. What makes the Bottecchiea frames so good? Well, its unique and legendary designs are some of the reasons that make them good. While there are many superb brands of bicycles available these days, it's easy to see why Bottecchia stands alone. If you want the same bike that everyone else is riding, Bottecchia is not for you. Bottecchia is for the individual that appreciates the quality, the beauty, the legend.

Whether you might be a competent cyclist, a weekend biker, a hard-core expert or perhaps a plain biker, there are Bottecchia road bikes that could certainly fit your preferences. You just need to pick the correct bicycle sort that will suit both your style and biking capability. Therefore in picking out a bicycle, select the professionals preference. With Bottecchia road bikes, get more than just a road bicycle!Now you can have this fine ride delivered right to your doorstep.

If you want to see them, touch them, ride's worth the drive from practically anywhere you want to go with it. Pick and buy bottecchia frames from this website and see the unique and legendary designs it has to offer. Not only that, we guarantee you of Bottecchia quality frames.

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