If you decide to convert your savings into cryptocurrency (exchange for electronic money) or make money on cryptocurrency, you will need to choose a reliable wallet for storing it. Without such a storehouse, the accumulation or use of an alternative monetary unit is impossible, because it does not have a material embodiment, and it exists and develops in the vastness of the Blockchain network. For that storage, we have cloud wallets. There many options available in the market, but the one worth using is the Cloud Token Wallet. In this post today, I’ll explain its perks and brief you on how is Cloud 2.0 Legit and different from other scams. Continue reading!

How Cloud Token Wallet is different from other scams?

Cloud Token Wallet is a crypto wallet and an exchanger in one service, which provides customers with the opportunity to create a cryptocurrency wallet, exchange cryptocurrencies and store them in one place. This will allow you to buy, sell, store and spend cryptocurrency in just a few clicks. Here are a few highlights of the Cloud Token Wallet that make this cloud wallet different and superior.

1. It is a super digital wallet: Cloud Token Wallet version 2.0 is the world’s first social wealth wallet to integrate all blockchain cryptographic assets into one platform. The wallet supports the most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Golem, Augur, OmiseGo, Dogecoins, etc.

2. Has easy access: The wallet has easy access in the shape of a smart multi-functional card, which serves as both the payment and app login solution designed to support CTO payment. The smart card allows you to manage existing assets from anywhere in the world directly from your phone.

3. Provides payment convenience: The Cloud Token Wallet provides quick access to cryptocurrency and allows members to pay for goods or services with cryptocurrency in 1 click directly from the Cloud Token Wallet app. In fact, the Cloud Token Wallet offers Cloud Redeem Program in Taiwan, which means that the members can spend their CTOs on brands like 7-Eleven, Carrefour, Wowprime, Sogo, Far eastern department stores and more.

4. Pays extra profit: Cloud Token Wallet pays almost 6 to 12 percent profit per month with the possibility of withdrawing a deposit. Everything is important here - because even 6% per month is a decent income, and the ability to withdraw the deposit body is generally unique today. In 99% of investment projects, the deposit body cannot be withdrawn, while in Cloud Wallet, the member is given complete freedom of the investment process.

5. Takes off traveling headaches with its Cloud Travel service: Cloud Token Wallet is a one-stop travel solution developed to optimize and streamline travel reservation workflow while bringing overall productivity and ultimate savings. With Cloud Travel, users can easily pay with digital assets for the array of travel essentials offered. From hotels and activities to various other travel services, Cloud Travel offers a myriad of travel content to fulfill user’s needs at competitive rates.

6. Offers cloud Sim: No other cloud service offers sim, but the Cloud Token Wallet does. With its cloud sim, members can travel anywhere without the need for a new local sim in that area because the cloud sim offers pay-as-you-go data roaming plans.

7. Successful operation: Cloud Token Wallet is being used successfully in 8 countries around the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Colombia.

All these features together are unique and only available in Cloud Token Wallet. So, if you too have cryptocurrency, I advise you to make an intelligent decision and store these in reliable storage like Cloud Token Wallet and don’t get trapped in a scam. Good Luck!

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