There is something inherently romantic about gardens, and with a little décor, they transform into spectacular wedding venues that look like places straight out of a fairytale. The lush green landscape and the peaceful quiet environment proffer a cinematic backdrop for a romantic wedding. If you are looking for a wedding venue in Gurgaon, consider a wedding garden in Gurgaon to host the event. There is more than just one good reason why you want to choose a wedding garden as a preferred setting for your big event. Here are some of them.

Countless Décor Possibilities

The first thing you need to know about wedding gardens is that they present infinite décor possibilities. With a planner or decorator by your side, you can transform the place into something from your imagination with very few props and supplies. Parks and gardens offer ample outdoor space, a blank canvas in all that you can dress up however you like. The built-in atmosphere is an added bonus to the already spectacular setting. To top that, Gurgaon enjoys fine weather all year round. So, with a wedding garden, you are all set for the biggest event of your life.

A Grand Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor wedding is trending big right now. Everybody who has gotten married in the last two years and those looking to get married in the next two years have given outdoor wedding a thought. One of the imports from the West, the idea of an outdoor wedding is both grand and simplistic at the same time. Although wedding halls in Gurgaon are equally sought-after, but people can’t help but be spellbound by the idea of a wedding in nature. A wedding in a garden can be themed to anything ranging from natural to gorgeous as wished, but a wedding in a banquet have to be nothing short of gorgeous as a rule. So, that opens up a lot of options never explored before for the nuptials.

Perfect for the Photo Op

Another reason why people love the idea of getting married in a garden setting is the photo conditions. A garden offers the best possible natural lighting and background for a wedding. Even a glamorously decked banquet hall pales in comparison. If you haven’t taken picture in nature before, try taking a couple of shots with greenery in the background. You’ll see the difference instantly. Garden wedding photos are both awe-inspiring and unbelievably romantic. They are candid, relaxed and natural, just like the backdrop.

Low Site Fee

Lastly, wedding gardens come for a low site fee compared to halls and banquets. That works in favor of those who are looking to draw a line in the expenses before going overboard. Gardens are ready venues that can be decorated at will and offer a full outdoor space. How you transform the place into picture like perfection is up to you, but the fees leave a comfortably wiggle room to accommodate ritzy décor without a pocket pinch.

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