Electroplating of precious metals are capable of protecting the surface of connectors from oxidation. But, is that all that they do or is there something more to it? To help you understand better, this article decodes the importance of gold plated connectors, helping you decide whether you should make them a part of your business or not.

Common Types of Gold Plating For Electronics

There are two different types of electrical connector plating carried out using gold, and these are enlisted below:

  • Soft & Pure Gold Plating: Meant for industries that require semiconductors, this plating gets wire bonded and has Knoop hardness of about 65 to 80. For optimum results, companies do make sure the plating baths remain 100% free from contamination.


  • Bright & Hard Gold Plating: This plating is known for its impeccable hardness of 120 to 300, with a purity of 99.97, and most have a little amount of cobalt or nickel for achieving flawless appeal.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Gold Plated Connectors

There are several reasons that showcase the importance of connectors plated with gold, and some of them are:

  • Gold remains to be amongst the top precious metals that is not susceptible to corrosion. Hence, the plated connectors turn out to be a viable options where prevention of oxidation is an essential aspect.


  • When plated to metal surfaces, gold can improve electrical conductivity. Apart from this, they provide the connector a smooth finish, enabling strong connection with the parts that have been mated.


  • Capable of enhancing durability of the connectors, as gold offers exceptional resistance against wear & tear, which indeed increases the overall lifespan of the connector.


  • For those components that are often exposed to heat, gold comes up with superior protection, preventing damage that might be triggered by excessive heat.

Count On Professional Company For High-Quality Gold Plated Connectors

Whether you need connectors have a particular thickness of gold, or have unique electrical connector metal finishing demands in accordance with the evolving needs of your business. No matter what your requirement might be, do make it a point to hire reputable electroplating company for the purpose.

At the end of the day, only reliable companies who have the competence to offer impeccable services can provide just the type of connectors that you need and that too at a reasonable value. Therefore, always consider the services of certified professional who features a wide range of options including nickel, gold and cadmium plated connectors, allowing you to have the ultimate electroplating services under one roof.

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