Entrance door matting is important in any space be it residential or commercial buildings. They aren’t just about making the entrance look neat and professional. Mats are available in several materials. Investing in a high-quality door mat of the right material according to the space’s needs serves several purposes.

Benefits of having entrance door mats:

  • Keeps debris and dirt away: Contaminants enter our premises generally through our footwear. When we place entrance mats, those entering the building would wipe their shoes on the mat which helps to keep dirt away.
  • Avoid risk of falls: In places like restaurants where there is chance of water and oil spillage, the risk of falls is high. Mats make it easy to navigate the space and reduce the risk of falls.
  • Prevents damage to floor: Floor damage can be tricky to fix. Mats protect floors from stains, spills and reduce wear and tear thus helping you help you save money.
  • Ideal during rainy season: The floors can be very slippery during rainy season and winters. Mats with water-absorbent material absorb moisture. It is a good idea to spread mats in areas of high traffic to keep everyone protected.
  • Easy building maintenance: It is easier to carry out routine cleaning in the building when there are mats. The room gets less messy and the cleaning work involved is reduced.
  • Bacteria regulation: Door mats incorporated with microbe-killing properties help in trapping bacteria that are not visible to naked eyes. This improves the cleanliness and hygiene of the space.

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Popular doormat materials:


Made from recycled tires, rubber is a tough and durable material making it suitable for entrances which require door mats of sturdy material. It is easy to scrap dirt and moisture from our shoes onto them. It is also easy to wash a dirty rubber mat. The one problem is that rubber isn’t organically disposable.


Coir mats are made from husks of coconut. The coarse fibers of coir mat make it possible to trap dust particles. Clean it easily using mild soap and water. They are durable and can be customized in many colors. The material is flammable and hence shouldn’t be place anywhere near fire source.


Polypropylene mats are visually-pleasing, stain-resistant making them ideal for restaurants and great choice for outdoors. It is light-weight and inexpensive but not too resilient. It can quite tricky to remove oil-based stains.

Eco-friendly mats:

There are many eco-friendly mats available that are sturdy and serve its purpose effectively. Recycled eco-friendly mats are associated with less carbon emissions and made from all-natural materials.

Find out which mats works best for your environment before making the purchase. Invest in a good-quality mat and save more in the long run.

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