For women everywhere, the first step in the quest for total beauty begins with a clear complexion. With the skin being the largest organ of the human body, it is also the first thing that people notice and with women especially, the smallest blemishes that mar that otherwise smooth landscape doesn’t go unnoticed. In a world that sets much store by physical appearance, even a seemingly unnoticeable spot can speak volumes.

Hence, in an attempt to cover up their skin from prying eyes, women often resort to the latest make-up and skin care trends and often without really bothering to check what’s in them. As long as they promise to clear up the skin or remove any unwanted spots, they’re good to go. However, women need to realize that they need to be a little more careful and discriminating when it comes to what they put on their skin if they are to really take good care of it and enjoy a visibly clean visage.

No one knows this better than Jane Iredale, founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, whose line of mineral-based make-up has transcended the boundaries of conventional make-up. The make-up brand is such a revolution that it is one brand that is recommended by world-renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists as safe for women and for all skin types. With its flawless and light coverage that provides the ultimate protection from sun damage and prevents pores from clogging, it is no wonder more and more women are going for higher standards as far as make-up products are concerned.

Fragrances and preservatives are the most common ingredients in cosmetics today but what most women don’t realize is that these are also the very same things that can cause much damage to their skin. Preservatives stop bacteria and fungus from developing in the product, as well as protect the product from damage caused by air and light. However, because cosmetics contain paraben, imidazolidinyl urea, phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde, these preservatives can also cause skin irritation and infections.

Spawned from her years of experience in working with the best make-up artists in the field of theatre and television, Jane Iredale understands womens’ needs to look and feel beautiful but also wants them to be able to use products that are safe and made with natural and non-toxic ingredients. This is the main reason why the concept of mineral-based make-up was introduced. In addition to being hypoallergenic, the mineral-based line consists of microscopic flat particles that allow the skin to breathe as it is being protected from air pollutants. It also reduces the need to touch up since it is water- resistant, meaning it won’t crease or smear even when you do your workout exercises or any other sweat-inducing, strenuous activities.

Then again, just because it is mineral-based make-up doesn’t mean you won’t be exposed to any danger. Women first of all, need to make sure that the make-up doesn’t contain nano particles or tiny microscopic particles that can penetrate the skin, settle in the lungs and cause long-term problems like lung cancer. It is important that when choosing among mineral-based make-up brands, women should go for the one without nanos like the Jane Iredale brand. Since they can also enter your bloodstream, they can also create free radicals and cause some considerable damage to your DNA.

Finding safe cosmetics to use nowadays is less of a problem, what with make-up companies keeping and catching up with the latest in environmental safety standards. However, just because the ads say it’s safe doesn’t mean you don’t have to double check. The most important step that women need to take when buying make-up can be summed up in three words: read the label.

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