A new male friend on facebook wrote and asked what makes men easy.

Here's what I told him:

What Makes Men Easy by dating and relationship expert Kara OhI studied men for a couple of years and I came up with 12 Secrets About Men. The first and the last are what makes a man easy...as in easy to be in a relationship with. The secrets in the middle are how to do the first and last secrets well.

In the first Secret I teach women to be beautiful in how they are, rather than ugly, which a lot of women are. By ugly I mean, whining, complaining, emasculating, out-of-control emotions, blaming, trying to change him, etc. By beautiful is be kind, gracious, happy, playful, appreciative and able to communicate needs in such a way that it is win/win for both sides.

The last Secret is, "A man wants to be with a woman who encourages him to enjoy being a man." She can do that by accepting him as he is, understanding why he is the way he is, both as a man and individually, by letting him know he makes her happy, encouraging him to spend time with his guy friends, not mothering him, not nagging, respecting him, being an enthusiastic lover, etc.

The hard part for women is taking control of themselves and choosing to be beautiful. Seems pretty crazy that they so often are ugly, but they mostly don't know any better. They tend to blame whatever is not right on the man, when they have a whole lot more control than they realize, including not getting involved with a man because he has "potential."

My goal is to help women be smarter about how they interact with men. Why? So they can be happier and enjoy how great it feels to be cherished by a man who adores her.

From my heart to yours,

Kara Oh, Author of Men Made Easy and other relationship books
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