Oftentimes, people are their own worst enemy. You may be subconsciously becoming more vulnerable to mind control manipulation without even knowing it. Inner weakness distorts the way you think, act, feel, and behave. As a result, you may find yourself falling into patterns that aren’t in your best interest.

The need to survive is a strong inner instinct but one must have the wherewithal to cope with adverse circumstances and the pressures induced by others. But what if you’re unable to protect yourself by seeking divine healing?

If a person struggles to build resilience and look out for themselves, they may start to self-sabotage. This involves crawling deeper and deeper into the menacing web of mind control manipulation, unaware of the damage you’re doing and the wounds you’re reopening.

In this blog, we’ll help you get a good grasp on what makes people more vulnerable to these manipulations. We’ll also walk you through the process of escaping the intricate web of self-sabotage, and seeking divine healing.

Self-Doubt and Uncertainty

People who lack self-conviction and self-assuredness are more vulnerable to manipulation. Think about it. A wild animal always looks out for the easiest target.
Among a flock of deer, they’ll look for one that’s slower than the rest, slightly dazed, and oblivious to the impending danger. Their naiveté and unsuspecting nature makes them more vulnerable to being ambushed.

A person’s lack of confidence and uncertainty makes them an easy prey. They can easily be targeted and programmed through mind control manipulation.

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It’s important to note that this specific vulnerability may be self-developed or inflicted by others. People who live in toxic households, have a lot of karmic wounds, or struggle with spirit problems may become deeply insecure and unsure of themselves.

In this case, the vulnerability was inflicted by others. However, some people also begin to doubt themselves despite growing up in a healthy household, having wholesome influences in their life, carrying minimal karmic baggage, and having no spirit attachments. Whether self-doubt is triggered by others or developed by the person on their own, it can have dire consequences.

According to Creator, “Mind control manipulation essentially pushes people off the fence to one side or another. It may be a side they are naturally inclined to be on. However, the instructions foster movement in a direction that serves the darkness in some way.”

Ultimately, this backfires. The individual ends up doing something that is not in their best interest. There will be false promises or a partial justification that highlights a short-term gain of some kind that acts as a reward. However, the interlopers know exactly what they’re doing.

Both types of interlopers, the dark spirits and the extraterrestrials, are loveless, selfish beings. They know that there will be a lot of damage caused in the long run. Eventually, the person will suffer as the follow these surreptitious orders.

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In addition to self-doubt and uncertainty, pliability also makes people more vulnerable to mind control manipulation. People who aren’t strong-willed and don’t have a good grasp on what they believe is right and wrong often get caught up in this web. They don’t have a strong moral compassion. As a result, they can be easily pulled in any direction, good or bad. They’re easy to influence and manipulate, which is exactly what the interlopers aim to do.

In most cases, subliminal programming is cleverly incentivized. As stated earlier, there’s a reward that attracts people. They’re so blinded by the incentive that they are unable to pick up on the destruction that will follow.

According to Creator, “People who are uncertain, doubtful, weak-willed, and lacking strong convictions are more malleable and easy to manipulate. They can be smooth-talked into a situation that puts them at risk of making grievous errors,”

Even if the outcome of the manipulation isn’t outwardly toxic, the people who are manipulated still end up losing time and valuable resources chasing an approach that was intended to fail all along. This leaves them feeling deflated, demotivated, defeated, and discouraged.

Consequently, they begin to doubt themselves once again. This cycle of self-doubt is strategically set into motion by the interlopers. As people feel dejected and dispirited, they become weak-willed and pliable again. This makes it easier for the interlopers to manipulate them again.

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How Can I Heal and Protect Myself from Mind Control Manipulation?

The process of enlightenment requires healing as its central activity. Through divine healing, people can regain strength, conviction, resilience, and willpower. They can identify what is right, what is just, and what truly serves the individual and collective enterprise. They can evaluate their needs and refuse to make contributions that risk their own survival, no matter how tempting these contributions may seem.

The interlopers are adept at crafting perfectly-polished incentives and contributions. By further embellishing them, they trap people in the web of their mind control manipulations.

Our Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions help people develop a sense of self-awareness and self-assuredness. They are able to identify the warning signs, and steer clear of such manipulations.

If practiced universally, this approach can help heal people at a profound level, and protect humanity from manipulations—both individual and collective.

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