PHP has been revolving around since a long time as the most favoured choice for web development. When it comes to creating a web project, most of the businesses look for a PHP developer. But why? Here are the reasons summarised for you. 


PHP is one of the most popularly used server-side scripting languages used by web developers around the world. According to studies and researches, it has been found that the use of this programming language is growing faster since it was introduced. According to the PHP developers, when security and affordability are the two major concerns for your business project, all you need is PHP as your project development language. It offers a pool of benefits as a scripting language, because of which many reputable names like Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, and more have used PHP. As per the statistics, approximately 82 percent of the websites on the internet make use of this language. 


And here are the reasons that will clearly justify why PHP is best for web development. 


It is cost-effective:

It is open-source in nature and so you don’t really need to pay anything to use it. This means your website building cost is always kept down when you are using PHP as the development language. There is no such paid updates that you will have to install later and no ongoing cost for maintenance. Overall, a very cost-effective option that never lets you compromise on the project quality. 


PHP is simple and easy:

PHP is easy to learn. The codes are clean and ordered and the sentence structure is pretty simple to understand, which makes it a good choice for the beginners in the web development field as well. 


It can be easily integrated:

PHP is not based on the platform, that is PHP websites can run on all operating systems or platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. You can also use the language autonomously or co-ordinate PHP with the other languages as well. It also means that you do not have to think much about accessing any specific server or site when you want to build your project with this language. 


Easy to edit and faster to code:

As compared to the other programming languages available, developers prefer to work with PHP the most and one of the main reasons for this is easy to edit and faster to code feature. With this language, there is no need to write many lines of codes. Changing or modifying already written codes is also quite easy because of the way the codes are written and the entire architecture of the language. 


It is highly stable:

PHP is considered as one of the most robust languages. And it has become more user-friendly and stable with the release of every new version. 


Easy to maintain:

PHP is an excellent choice for automated web app maintenance. The PHP system simply has taken the MVC design that is the Model View Controller architecture, which has made creating records for several modules much simpler. 


Add-ons and extensions:

As it is open-source, it makes it easy for the developers to add better and updated features to the web projects to keep the users hooked and attracted. And adding extensions and add-ons is one of the programming challenges that developers easily overcome with this feature of the language. 


The list of benefits that can be leveraged does not end here. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are more like:

  • It is completely secure
  • PHP sites are easy to test 
  • Offers great support


Hope you are now clear with the reasons why PHP is considered as the best web development scripting languages and why developers love to work with it. No matter if it is the ease of learning, easy adaptability, unwavering quality, or security guarantee, PHP surpasses almost all other programming dialects. 


PHP has much more number of live websites as compared to any other languages on the server-side. When you want to get your web project done in the best possible way, nothing can be a better choice than building it with PHP.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is a highly skilled PHP developer of a leading software development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has written several articles on this scripting language to let business owners know the plus points of using this for their web development projects.