Selenium is very light-weight and developer friendly, it can be easily integrated with the existing unit testing tools. It is the best choice for automated testing of Websites today. Selenium can be used for testing any Web-based applications for both the GUI and its functionality in organizations. Selenium is utilized as a unit testing tool for JavaScript and it is the most popular test automation tool in the market which offers unlimited choices to testers.

It gained popularity since it is free while other testing tools, for example, HP QTP are insanely priced. Although QTP is better in terms of easier to learn, better support, and have cool highlights, for example, Object Repository, their pricing is unjustifiable. In an organization, there would be many projects running and purchasing licenses for a paid automation tool for every venture would consume a major gap in the organization's wallet. Besides, it is cross-platform. You can execute scripts in Linux and Mac OS whereas different tools are attached to Windows Platform.

There are various reasons why organizations still prefer Selenium for automation testing. Here are a few that would describe why Selenium is more popular than other testing tools


The greatest quality of Selenium is that it is a freeware and convenient tool. It has no forthright immediate costs included. The tool can be unreservedly downloaded and the help for it is openly accessible, as it is network based.

Supports languages

Selenium supports a range of languages, including Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript, and so on. It has its own content, yet it doesn't confine it to that language. It can work with different dialects and whatever the developers/testers are comfortable, to learn more about it visit Selenium Training Institute In Bangalore.

Supports Operating Systems

With Selenium Suite of arrangements, a custom fitted testing suite can be made over any stage and after that executed on another. For example, you can make tests utilizing Windows OS and run it easily on a Linux based framework.

Supports Operating Systems

Selenium turns out to be profoundly clever while executing tests and testing it crosswise over different programs all the while. The programs bolstered by the Selenium bundles are:
• Selenium IDE can be used with the browser(firefox) as a module
• Selenium RC and Webdriver bolster various programs, for example, Internet Explorer

Support for programming language and framework

Selenium incorporates with the programming language and different systems. For example, it can coordinate with ANT or Maven kind of system for source code aggregation. Further, it can coordinate with TestNG testing system for testing applications and revealing purposes. It can incorporate with Jenkins or Hudson for Continuous Integration (CI) and can even coordinate with other Open-Source instruments to underpins different highlights.

Tests across devices

Selenium Test Automation can be executed for Mobile web application automation on Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. This can help in creating essential outcomes and address issues consistently.

Constant updates

Selenium backing is network based and a functioning network bolsters empower steady updates and overhauls. These redesigns are promptly accessible and don't require explicit preparing. This makes Selenium clever and savvy too, Selenium Courses In Bangalore

Loaded Selenium Suits

Selenium isn't only a particular tool or utility, it a stacked bundle of different testing tools as is alluded to as a Suite. Each device is intended to take into account diverse testing needs and prerequisites of test conditions.

Ease of implementation

Selenium offers an easy to understand interface that makes and execute tests effectively and adequately. Tests run legitimately crosswise over programs and the clients can watch while the tests are being executed. Selenium's detailing capacities are one reason for picking it, as it enables analyzers to remove the outcomes and take follow-up activities.

Reusability and Add-ons

Selenium Test Automation Framework uses scripts that can be tried straightforwardly over numerous programs. Simultaneously, it is conceivable to execute various tests with Selenium, as it covers practically all parts of utilitarian testing by actualizing add-on tools that expand the extent of testing.

With its valuable highlights, Selenium automation testing fills in as a key tool for program similarity testing just as framework useful testing. It is to be sure solid when contrasted with the accessible tool for automation testing and is exceptionally straightforward and adaptable.

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