Spiritual growth, for a very long time, has been integral to the sense of well being of a person, even before human beings realized what it was as well as digested it in a variety of ways which it sprung up many different methodologies on how a person could build upon it. You can name some of that such as karma, yoga or reincarnation. There are so many you can name ranging from the most commonplace to the most mysterious. However whether you are being really in need of spiritual satisfaction or walking on your "spiritual path", a full understanding of what exactly spirituality is could be very useful for you.

If you want to fully understand what exactly spirituality is, maybe you should discuss the meaning spirit, the root word of spiritual. The word spirit is an impalpable property which is something mysterious and incorporeal and cannot be limited by the worldly-minded world. The most hailed physicist and scholar Albert Einstein described spirituality via these words: "The most splendid experience which we can have in life is the mysterious - the fundamental emotion standing at the cradle of true science and true art." This saying mentioned two things - science and art which we should care about. These indulgences have dominated the consciousness of human in reaching answers to the mysteries which have confused us about the universe. These distinct establishments have paved the way for advancement in the kingdom of human awareness and technology.

Reaching for answers is rooted deeply to our inborn need for gaining knowledge about who we are and how to connect with everything around us. Mundane activities such as observing an ant farm or fixing a car are all unconscious manifestations of this need, and accordingly, related to spirituality. You just have to read the greatest work of Robert M. Pirsig “Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” to fully understand what I mentioned. While this contravenes the idea that spirituality is something not limited in the worldly-minded world, those physical avenues are still useful channels allowing us to reach that transcendence, and provide to us with a glance into the mysteries in turn.

Some people reach spiritual sustenance via the meditation means. Meditation is defined as the process of serious turning inward or contemplation to achieve a profound state of awareness, focus and peacefulness. The process of meditation originated from the East’s culture and adapted by the West. Buddhist monks are so smart in their belief that it is the only way to Enlightenment explaining the optimistic disposition for them to deal with others.

Many people make the same old misconception that having the notion of spirituality is just for religion. While the fact that religion has been helpful a lot in leading people to spiritual lives is true, it just represents some facets constituting the complete meaning of spirituality. Spirituality is like a confluence, a deepen understanding of what and who we are and how we connect with the whole existence, and the discernment which every single thing is essential equally and dependent on one another.

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