On December 31st 2019, China’s WHO office heard reports of a novel virus hitting the Wuhan province. There was a gradual increase in the number of infected patients in China and the infection was seen as an epidemic. Fast forwarding to the first week of April, the infected count rose to over 1 million and the infection spread to over 200 countries. 

The contagious nature of covid-19:

Around late march, the WHO announced this novel corona virus as a pandemic and urged all countries to take necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the infection. In a matter of 2 months the disease spread rapidly and countries started imposing lockdowns. The novel corona virus has no cure yet but there are ways to slow down the infection from spreading. 

What can you do to safeguard yourself?

Follow instructions of health officials. Many recommend practicing social distancing and using protective equipment like protective masks since the infection is contracted by getting in close contact with an infected person. Social distancing cuts down the risk of infection and masks keep us fairly protected. Purchase high quality masks to ensure maximum safety.

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What exactly is corona virus and what causes it?

Corona virus is a type of virus that causes illness like common cold and SARS. The novel corona virus spreading currently affects the respiratory system. Corona virus in humans is generally contracted when a human comes in contact with an infected animal. It is still unclear which animal was the source of infection.

What makes the novel corona virus a pandemic?

Epidemic refers to outbreak of any contagious disease that affects many individuals at the same time in any region/ geological location. A pandemic is announced when a disease spreads to an entire nation or the entire world. Covid 19 started as an epidemic in Wuhan and has currently become a pandemic. 

Characteristics of pandemics:

  • Pandemics are usually caused by new viruses or by viruses which haven’t been in circulation for decades/ centuries.
  • People have less immunity when it comes to pandemics and there are more deaths.
  • It causes economic downfall and social disruption. 

Should I be concerned now that it is a pandemic?

Covid 19 is the first pandemic to be caused by a corona virus. Referring covid-19 as a pandemic doesn’t make it more deadly. It is just an acknowledgment of the global spread of the infection. The chief of WHO has pointed that it is possible for countries to change the course of the virus by testing aggressively, isolating and monitoring suspected and infected people.

There is evidence stating that those elderly people above 60, those with respiratory issues or a compromised immunity system are at a higher risk of contracting the infection. However, to be on the safer side, everyone can practice social distancing, wash hands regularly, use masks in public and contact a medical practitioner for any health concerns. 

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