You might have eaten different types of bread, from whole wheat to whole grain bread. You can eat the bread on its own or with your favourite spread on top of the warm bread. During breakfast or teatime, you can definitely enjoy the taste and aroma of such food item. You can even add variety to homemade bread, which you can combine with grated carrots or zucchini, chocolate chips or fruits.

Ezekiel bread is rather interesting because of its unique name and the ingredients used to make it. The bread got its name from the prophet Ezekiel; this biblical character survived the dessert for two years by just eating “manna bread”. The dessert sun was all it needed to make the bread, which sustained the prophet for years. The secret behind this was the components of the bread; it contains sprouted grains and legumes that are excellent sources of protein. Because of such composition, it is comparable to another food item that has the highest amount of protein with nine essential amino acids.

This organic bread is low in sugar, does not contain flour and makes up of 100 percent whole grains. Because it is low glycemic, the bread is perfect for those who have diabetes. Weight-conscious people will also love the bread because of its low carbohydrate content. There are those who follow a high protein diet, and this makes Ezekiel bread suitable to eat because of its quality protein component. Moreover, the grains are excellent sources of fibre, which promotes healthy digestion. Hence, the bread is surely a healthy food item that everyone must have in his or her daily meals.

The sprouted grains in the bread make it completely nutritious. Sprouting the grains helps release all the essential nutrients found in whole grains. One can sprout the grains at home by simply soaking the uncooked seeds and grains for several hours until they become edible. When done this way, the grains create Lysine, an amino acid that contains cancer-fighting components.

The grains in Ezekiel bread allows anyone to stay healthy - inside and out. This ingredient helps reduce weight by minimizing the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates. Whole grains are also high in protein, which is essential for the building and repair of the worn out tissues of the body. Moreover, it keeps the muscles strong and supple, hence keeping one young by battling the early signs of aging. Those who prefer eating this bread will have a huge chance to ward off serious illnesses such as diabetes, cardiac and muscle problems. Thus, anyone will feel young and look young because of the bread.

You can make the bread at the comfort of your home. Simply check out several recipe books for cooking procedures. All you need to do is to have the ingredients ready such as lentils, kidney beans, barley, millet, wheat berries honey and olive oil. A typical Ezekiel bread recipe takes about 50 minutes to cook, which makes it ideal as a breakfast food item for those who are rushing to work. With the ease in making the bread and the nutritious benefits it brings, you should definitely try making one now.

Easy Ezekiel Bread Recipe

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