Wills and Probate Express is the arm of our legal practice that provides quality legal services to you at affordable rates in the most convenient way. From the moment you engage us by phone or online, one of our trusted attorneys will immediately begin to consider your legal matter to help steer you and your family toward the best legal solutions.
We offer a 15-minute phone consultation to provide you general legal advice. If your matter requires a longer discussion or a more detailed analysis, we will invite you to schedule a consultation that will provide you the opportunity to provide more details and present documentation as needed to give you a more comprehensive legal opinion.

Estate plans tailored to fit your needs:

Estate planning involves planning for your passing, preparing your family for life without you, and developing long-term strategies to save your family money and time. A simple will may be the right solution for you if you have standard assets and a relatively small family; it can provide your family the comfort of knowing that you planned ahead to secure their future and ultimately give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have covered your bases.
Depending on the goals you have for your estate and your family, you may decide that a simple will does not meet your needs. If your ultimate goal is to avoid probate all together or keep your assets out of a court probate process, you may need to consider a trust document. If you are a person that has a larger family or a blended family, you may want to consider a more complex will. If you are a person with assets that are varied or more extensive it may be a good idea to consider a more complex estate plan. The more specific your distributions are, the more likely it is that you may want to consider a more sophisticated estate plan.
Our Express model provides our clients with more flexibility. We are willing to meet you at your home, a senior care facility, your work location or at our Fayetteville office.
We want happy clients! We want you to see the value in our service and our approach.
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