Whenever it comes to making an investment decision for oneself, one prefers to choose the plan which yields maximum returns. The ultimate goal of every investor is generating higher income and reach the level of financial soundness. But is it really enough to make the investment just to earn returns? Do you think you are doing it the right way? Well if you are confused, then you must read this article for an in-depth knowledge.

Everyone prefers to make a self decision in every matter of concern, whether it be the choice regarding career, clothes or job. But, while making an investment it is a dilemma whether or not we should follow the advice of a third party and put our hard-earned money without actually knowing where it will go. Here you will come to know how UTI Mutual Fund schemes assure the best utilisation of your capital.

The choices that we make decide our future and we know this very well. We choose our clothes as per our level of comfort, we opt for a career as per our interest, then why do we make the investment just to earn returns and not for achieving the set financial goals!

In the case of mutual funds where our money is handled by a professional fund manager, we blindly trust the same and invest our money in them. But this is not justifiable at all. And hence, we must take a strong decision and opt for the best plan as per our requirement which would lead to optimum use of the hard-earned money so that we earn tremendous profits to accomplish our goals.

Now the question is how UTI Mutual Funds provide the best solution of investing and why it is among the most preferable fund houses. The answer to the query is the various solutions offered by this AMC. As per the needs and investment goals of investors, UTI MF has designed several products which are classified into the following three categories:

Equity Funds: This includes the various mutual fund programmes which invest the capital in the equity and related securities to gain capital appreciation in the long run. They have maximum exposure as their returns are directly proportionate to the market performances. Furthermore, they also provide wide diversification among the various sectors to generate heavy returns. Investors with long-term investment goals and having moderate to high-risk appetite can invest in these funds to earn benefits.

Debt Funds: UTI MF has designed some other strategies which yield regular income to the investors by investing the funds in the debt and money market instrument. In a way, investors give a loan to the organisation and fetch interest in return. Hence, the income in these funds are recurrent and provide financial stability. Furthermore, the risk involvement in these types of schemes are considerably lower and are best suited for the investors having an appetite for low risks.

Balanced Funds: Another category in which the schemes of UTI Mutual Fund fall is the balanced fund, wherein the money of the investors is put in the equity and debt instruments on a simultaneous basis. They are a mixture of both and provide the benefits of capital appreciation and regular income.

Hence, we can conclude here that UTI MF is one of the best platforms to make a worthy investment for the future. One can make the best selection of the schemes from the options available to achieve the set targets instead of earning the returns only.

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Dishika is a mutual fund investment planner working with MySIPonline. She has vast experience in her domain and well versed with concepts of mutual fund investing.