A relationship is when both parties participate into the communication. Well when you ‘feel’ you want to eat to go eat the food speaks to you by the triggers you already have installed in your body. These triggers fires up the times when you ‘feel’ you want to eat.

Most of the times these triggers are in your sub-conscience and you simply re-act to them to satisfy your-self - eating.

Do you know how much food do you need to satisfy your appetite? Do you have food compulsions?

If you think you are overweight most likely you do not have yet, a clear limit, as powerful as your craving.

When I ask someone that thinks they have a challenge with food, and I ask them ‘How much food do you normally eat?’ they can’t answer. This could mean that their awareness is not present when they eat. When you learn how to enjoy food, you ‘chew each bite and dissolve it’ before swallowing so each bite becomes a part of you.

Using NLP techniques you could install powerful triggers, as powerful as the ones that fires off your cravings and know when to stop and how to eat.

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Most people will deny themselves some foods, just because when they start eating they have a challenge to stop. Some people have some limiting beliefs that relates to food.

A relationship has limits and has beliefs. Maybe you would allow a person to touch you by shaking his hand. But maybe you would not allow the same person to touch you more intimately. Why is that? There is a boundary you have and when a person passes that boundary you do not want to be touched. That boundary can be crossed only if certain conditions are satisfied. There might be also a belief that touching in certain conditions it is enjoyment to you, and in other conditions is not.

How your mind did ‘learn’ this boundary and this belief? How strong is that boundary? Is that boundary in your conscience or sub-conscience mind? Does this belief give you energy?

At the impulse level the same thing happens with food. With NLP you can re-program any boundary, and you can go inside and feel how much do you need to eat and when to stop. Learn more What are the NLP Skills and Techniques.

How to Loose Weight with NLP? - Drop Weight and Enjoy Food!

If you would take the time to learn what relationship with food you have - you can also discover what emotions you link to food.
Is there an emotion that is too powerful for you and you avoid paying attention to it? When that emotion is present do you choose to eat?

Are you aware of when was the first time you started this behavior?
Using NLP linguistic techniques a person can get in touch with what event started this behavior, and becomes conscious of the emotions and the unfinished business. Pay attention to your emotions and leave food for food enjoyment. With kindness and in a safe environment people are encouraged to live these emotions fully, until they are out of their bodies.

Consider that the NLP techniques are not new. These techniques have been around for thousands of years in different forms and shapes and colors. Now they have been places together under a comprehensive structure so people can learn them.

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Back to food …

How would your life be like if you could learn how to teach yourself how to set boundaries? How would you eat if you could take only one or two bites of a food that you crave?

In NLP we learn these patterns called strategies. One person can find out what is his/her strategy in how he/she eats. Yes, this is a personal learned strategy. With a NLP coach you could find your strategy to eat, quickly. You could find it out by yourself when you ask the wright questions.
Here are few strategies naturally slim people have and how they relate to foods. These strategies are learned over the years but with NLP you could learn it in one or two sessions. Learn more about strategies (Detection, Elicitation, Installation, and Utilization)

1. How will I know when I feed myself with all the nutrients I need? – I have a body signal. Where it is? I’m full.
2. What foods do I need? – What do I need to eat now? - distinguish between foods that I need instead of the foods I want.
3. How do I eat? – Eat each bite, taste it in your mouth all around, taste all the bites. What your taste buds said?
4. How do I want to transform/shape my body? – How do you want to look? Is there a time when you were slim? – Your body remembers.
Create Your Own Weight Loss Program - Change Your Relationship with Food

People come into a session and they wonder sometimes what they heard, and even does not seem to make sense it makes sense.

Let’s get into the story of the healthy body. As you enter this forest, a nicely green forest you make a gesture of respect as you enter a pleasant place. You have been there before, and you choose to go back. As you enter, you see all these green trees with strong roots, and healthy leaves, and this forest could become the place that you live – the fortress of life. It is where life begins, and where life ends. In this fortress of life you feel healthy, resourceful and peaceful, and you feel that whatever you do it is okay, and it is okay because it is you. You take a walk into your forest, and discover what you are made of and you notice how everything makes sense. The flowers are blooming in rainbow colors, and the birds are singing songs you want to hear, and you feel great.

You are fortress of life and enjoy it just as it is. Take a moment to enjoy your body, and imagine what you would say now that you can say later.

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Enjoy learning more about your body in a fun and exciting way.

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Ciprian has an over 15 years experience as a coach and mentor. His experience covers areas in personal growth, breakthrough sessions, and group dynamics using Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Bioenergetics approaches.