Ebooks are easily one of the greatest inventions of our generation. They bring the magic and wonder of books (minus the hefty size and weight) to the palm of our hands. Thanks to ebooks, we can now fit heaps of books into our phone and carry with us in our pockets. Their portability and ease-of-use is the reason behind their great popularity among masses. Each of their different formats offers rich formatting options and contribute to making the reading experience memorable.

This popularity is why there are so many ebook publishers out there offering them in a huge variety of different genres. One another big reason for their enormous success is that anyone can craft an ebook and readily share it to be devoured. There are loads of ebook publishers and publishing services through which an author can get published.

Self-publishing is also a popular practice in which the author reaps all the profits from publishing their ebook themselves. This also gives them the freedom to market it and share it as per their own terms. People often get an ebook written by ghostwriting services and publish it to earn off of it. Businesses also use them for promotional purposes and to further provide value to the consumer by sharing relevant content.

But with so many different ebook publishing methods out there, choosing one can get pretty confusing, no matter the plan. Should one avail of the help of ebook publishing services or publish on one's own website? Which publishing service should one go with? Such questions can stump a beginner ebook publisher or author wanting to self-publish. Read below to see what can be the most useful mode of ebook publishing for you.

Directly Publishing To Ebook Marketplaces

There are a host of platforms that offer consumers to download or directly read ebooks for a limited period in exchange for a fee. Some famous such platforms are Amazon's Kindle Store and Nook Ebooks by Barnes & Noble, which hold the majority of the market in their hands. These ebook publishers offer you the opportunity to publish your ebooks on their widely popular marketplaces for a price or for free. These options are usually accompanied by conditions where you receive a certain share of the sales. At the same time, the remaining are kept by the ebook publishers themselves (this is known as 'royalty').

If you are a budding author, this option can prove to be very beneficial. You can potentially grab a big publisher's attention and earn major publishing contracts. As an aspiring ebook publisher, publishing ebooks on such large platforms can bring many pretty profits. However, the terms and conditions of these major ebook publishers can prove to be constricting for some.

Publishing To Ebook Distribution Services

If publishing to the so many ebook publishers out there doesn't sound very easy, you could eliminate all the complexity and directly publish to just one place. There are various ebook distribution companies that publish your ebook to all the major marketplaces around the world. This option ensures a global reach rather than a fixed location. There are services called aggregators that keep track of all the sales obtained from the different platforms and locations where the ebook was published.

Publishing on these aggregators takes away the ebook's exclusivity on a major platform like Amazon or Barnes & Noble but simplifies the whole process of widely publishing an ebook. Any changes later made will be easy to implement and manage.

Publishing On Own Website

If none of the above options seem the right ones, one can always set up their own online platform to display and distribute their ebook. This gives one complete control over its reach and the kind of audience it reaches. One can send out promotional material like newsletters and emails that feature a small part of the ebook to attract the reader and feature the website's link. Marketing strategies like SEO and SEM can bring this website in the eyes of the audience searching for the ebook's exact genre and even persuade them to purchase it.

While this may sound a very flexible option, there is always the risk of missing to connect the audience and missing out on potential sales. This option should be approached with an idea of the risk involved.

The above methods highlighted some major ways available currently for publishing your ebook. We saw each method had its pros and cons and suited a certain publishing intent. With this information by their side, ebook publishers and self-publishing writers can finally choose the most effective method for publishing. One thing to note is that the marketing strategies and plan would also differ with each method.

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