To have the kind of success you want in business and in life, you need to activate a shift in your mindset and beliefs.

You want to be able to feel a consistency and flow in one on one conversations, as well as in your website, in your copy and in your group work – in every aspect of your business and life.

No matter what industry you are in, you are in the business of serving people.

What do you want to activate more of in yourself – at an inner and outer level? Maybe you want to activate a greater sense of peace around the idea of serving. Maybe you want to activate a greater sense of security around how you can serve.

Get into the hearts and the minds and the energy of your ideal customers/ clients. Maybe you’re working on some kind of marketing plan that you want to feel flow together more easily.

Whatever it is that you would like to activate, hold it – just to activate the energy grid.

Before you can help others you have to be clear yourself on

*What are your ideal client or customer’s problems
*How does that impact them at both a tangible and a feeling level
*What is the solution you can provide them

Once you are clear on that, you can help your prospects raise their vibrational energy as well.

They need to come to a place of self discovery of the implications of their challenges, of the issues that they have, and feel a sense in them that they want to experience the solution and that it is a priority.

Then, not only will they be willing to allocate resources of time, energy, money, but they will be thrilled to do it!

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The difference between struggling business owners and tremendously successful entrepreneurs is this: Every successful entrepreneur has come to rely on one phenomenal business coach - themselves!

Most people don't know that every magnificent solution to the success they seek lies already within their souls. And it's Sharon Wilson, Founder of The Coaching From Spirit Institute, who's helping thousands of people around the world learn how to coach themselves and then sync that "Inner Coach" with leading-edge business strategies. The end result? Much faster, highly leveraged success!

After years of corporate executive success, Sharon Wilson fed her sales, marketing and management prowess into the development of ongoing coaching programs and TeleSuccess Seminars that provide success solutions "with a spiritual bent." Through Coaching From Spirit, mega-entrepreneurs, inspirational speakers and wealth coaches personally mentor and guide business people from all walks and levels of success to newfound strategies and uncanny solutions.