Without their partner in the picture, people start planning their lives during the post-break up period. Since you have to reassess what you want and where you want to go, it's a very confusing time.

If after weeks since the break up and your ex hasn't made a move, nevertheless, it's very hard if you say, 'I want my ex to want me back'. Here are some things you can do if you want to either speed up the process a bit or see if there's still a chance.

The ability to press someone's buttons is one thing that girls have going for them. If you've been watchfully tiptoeing around your ex lest you might ruin your chances at reconciliation, it's a good tactic if your mindset is 'I want my ex to want me back'. Don't forget that anger is still an emotion if your ex is mad at you, meaning he still gets poignant when it comes to you. Thus, it doesn't hurt to rouse things up a bit by confronting him and trying to make him mad if things have been pretty dead for a while. In addition, this works if you have some questions you want tackled or want to clarify things with him. Doing this frequently can also annoy him.

Don't be too noticeable that your goal is-I want my ex to want me back.

You'll appear desperate and will turn him off if you're being too noticeable and frank. In a subtle manner, be sure that he knows you're doing fine. As word of mouth is helpful, let your mutual friends know that your life has never been better and you even have quite a lot of suitors already. Make him realize that he will lose you forever if he does not make a move soon. On the other hand, what some girls make known is that they'll be there waiting for him to come back. This makes guys not consider about reconciliation because the girl is readily available if he unexpectedly decides to get back together again. 'I'll wait forever until my ex wants me back' and 'I want my ex to want me back' are two totally different things.

It's difficult to say 'I want my ex to want me back' because it doesn't look good for a girl to be the one chasing the guy. Better try making yourself so eye-catching that he can't resist, instead. In the first place, consider what made him attracted to you, and build up those traits to the fullest. Build up yourself as an artist if he loved your love for art, by focusing on it with gallery openings and public painting showcases galore. By doing this, you will look especially good-looking to him, and your self-assurance will definitely make him want to be a part of your life again.

Those are just some pointers you can use when you carry out 'Operation: I want my ex to want me back'. Just be sure to do things subtly that you do and don't go overboard. Moreover, make sure that you have fun doing all the methods, rather than doing them just to have your ex back. It will show if you enjoy what you're doing, and this aura will make a girl very beautiful to guys.

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