Much is said about the concepts of seduction, but the correct definitions are few and this ends up confusing the heads of men and women. To seduce is simply to enchant a person by making him or her come to like or feel the need for the object of desire that can be a product, a person or even an idea; a person can be seduced in a natural way or through techniques, that is, you may feel seduced by a product just by looking at it or you will feel attracted after a seller uses correct techniques to seduce you with the qualities of what you are selling.

To seduce a woman it is necessary to use the same sales principles so that a woman is interested in a man she needs to be seduced, either in a natural way or through seduction techniques. Just like in sales, it is not enough to have qualities; you have to know how to use marketing to sell yourself.

Virtually every decision we make in life is about seduction, so if you decide to travel to a certain place you will need to be seduced in a natural way just because you saw a photo and liked it or because a travel agency has used the correct techniques to seduce you through commercials or an agent, the same is true when buying a car, you need to be seduced by some quality of that vehicle, whether it be economical, comfortable or even cost-effective.

Most services and products are sold through efficient techniques of seduction; this occurs even with low-cost products, beverage companies use women, parties, and fun to seduce their customers that associate these pleasant moments with the drink, so agencies marketing companies invest so much in attractive women and amazing places. To seduce a person is not enough to have quality, it takes techniques to convince them to buy a certain product, and otherwise, the advertisements would not be necessary for products that have good quality.

By seducing a woman you are simply demonstrating to her all her qualities, in this case, the greater her persuasiveness, the better the results. Obviously, the greater the qualities of a man the better his chances of success, not only that a product has an exceptional marketing campaign, but it also needs to have values that are important to its customers.

Seducing women is nothing more than possessing the masculine qualities necessary for a relationship and having skills to demonstrate all of them to women in a shorter span of time.

The main motive that hinders most inexperienced seducers is that these are complicated what is easy, the simple fact of approaching and talking to a woman is seen as something extraordinary and this causes a lot of tension and nervousness that end up being felt for her, the discomfort of a shy man when he approaches a negative energy that causes immediate repulsion;

The woman is something delicate, she will hardly get involved or spit in your face, the worst situation is that she can get lost in a cat say that is not in order to talk. Listening to "no" is something that should be regarded as normal, not even Jesus Christ has managed to thank everyone as people, attractive men, successful and seductive are rejected because with you it should be different.


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