A wise businessman learns from others' mistakes. All you need to do is be vigilant and observe everything going on around you. Recently, Hyundai, Pizza Hut, and KFC made a mistake on social media that has put a target on their back. Many might still believe that any publicity is good publicity. But in reality, this phrase has no relevance in the social media world. Social media is a delicate tool to empower your business.

Thus, it has to be taken seriously to ensure your online reputation remains intact. Social media is a blunt tool like a double-edged sword that can make or destroy brand reputation, depending on how you use it. To give you a brief about how you can make your online reputation on social media.

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Here is a list of things you should not do on social media.

1: Being Opinionated On Sensitive Subjects

The biggest blunder by Hyundai, KFC, and Pizza Hut is enough to give you a glimpse of what would happen if you poke into sensitive subjects. You might be aware of the psychographics of your target audience when it comes to your business. But you cannot really understand how they will react to a sensitive topic. Needless to say, such subjects can bring strong yet negative attention to your brand and has the potential to completely decimate your brand reputation on the internet and in the real world. Hence, it is always wise not to meddle with sensitive topics.

2: Share Too Much Information

Amazon recently announced earnings of $31 billion from ad revenues. Quickly the news spread across the internet like a wildfire. However, such information can bring unnecessary heat to your business. Also, such disclosure can make controversies for being false or exaggerating the facts massively. Truth be told, there are certain things that a brand should keep under the wrap. Your target audience is connected with you on social media because of your content and products/services.

3: Dissing Competitions

It is often seen that immature people disrespect their opponents to gain more attention. Bashing your competition on social media can impact your image and reduce your chances of business expansion, investors, collaboration, and other key developments. Criticizing your competitors showcases your immature side. It reduces the trust of your customers and prospective business associates in you. Hence, it is wise to focus on your own business than dissing your competition.

4: Act As An Individual

Many business owners often project their personal opinion or thought process on their business pages. Presenting your own point of view on your business social media can harm your business reputation. The social media presence of your business is for your target audience. Your business social media platforms should focus on providing creative, informative, and desired content for your target audience. You should refrain from sharing personal opinions on subjects like politics, religion, and on an event or topics of a similar sort.

5: False Claims
Internet is big and full of information. You must remember that before making and false claim. False claims about your business or products/services can lead to the downfall of your brand reputation. Whether you believe it or not, the millennial generation is smart enough to dig deep and find proof to unveil your lies. Hence, it is significant to never make false claims about anything from your social media profiles.

6: Argument With The Target Audience
On one side, social media is a great place to build your business reputation. On the other, it gives the users freedom to share their opinion about your business, regardless of it be true or false. Hence, you can never stop any negative comment or review on your social media page. There have been incidences where business representatives on social media went lashing on to the customers to prove them wrong. However, it ended against the brand and caused massive damage to your business reputation.

7: Using Copyrighted Content

There is nothing worse than posting content that is not yours, or you do not have the right of using that content. Using others' content can hit you from both ends. From one side, you will be facing legal issues, and from the other, the criticism of the target audience. No matter how enticing the content is for your target audience, you must always refrain from using copyrighted content on any front of your business.

Social media is a platform that connects you with your target audience. It helps you communicate your business thoughts more creatively. Hence, we should respect the opportunities social media platforms have given us and avoid controversies at any cost. Maturity in handling business social media is necessary. Thus, it is ideal to consider hiring social media experts to help you draw the line between promotional and sensitive content.

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