If you are looking to attract a healthy relationship with someone who is looking for what you are also wanting, but you find your current reality different to what you desire, then this article is for you
For most people the dating world seems confusing, frustrating and downright annoying! You set an intention to find a relationship but then the people you seem to attract distance themselves, only want casual communication, and/or seem to grow distant. You are left feeling perplexed and therefore find the whole dating process more and more challenging. You start to feel unattractive, undesirable and like there may be something wrong with you. Many so-called ‘experts’ will teach you techniques and tips on what you must be, do, and say to keep love. However, if this doesn’t resonate as true for you and feels like hard work, this article will shed some light on what is creating your unfulfilling reality.
Did you know that needy behaviour is the single most common killer of any relationship? Did you know that the majority of adults harbour this destructive tendency within them? Did you know that all neediness is rooted in old emotional baggage stored in the subconscious mind in the form of negative self-beliefs, negative emotions, and negative memories from one’s past? Finally, did you know that much like deleting an old unwanted computer file, all the ‘subconscious software’ can also now be permanently deleted, thereby restoring an individual to wholeness, completeness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, thereby allowing them to reclaim their authentic, attractive self and make healthy relationship choices? Would you like to learn more about how your life and relationships can improve in ways you can’t even imagine?

For those of you who are not yet aware of the negative consequences of neediness, let me briefly outline them here.

Neediness makes one feel vulnerable, insecure, jealous, afraid of being rejected or abandoned, afraid of being alone, desperate, and can lead to negative behaviours such as manipulation, controlling tendencies, smothering tendencies, stalking, abusive behaviours, and even self destructive tendencies such as self harm, to name a few.
Does that sound like an attractive, emotionally mature and independent adult to you?

I’m sure it won’t surprise you when I say that any healthy, self-respecting person will ‘run for the hills’ when they see such a person coming.
So where does that leave the needy person?
Either alone, or with someone who is just as desperate and needy as they are. This is what many refer to as co-dependent. It is also how often, abusive relationships begin.
Now, if you are one of those needy people, it may come as some comfort to know that neediness need not be a life sentence.

Neediness is anchored in a deep feeling of emptiness that most – yes most – people feel within. That emptiness feeling is the result of a relative deficiency of what I call one’s Life Force Energy or LFE.

LFE is not only the vital energy of life, it is also the essence of an individual and the source of all one’s positive resources i.e. self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, inner strength, inner wisdom, resilience, inner peace, creativity, spontaneity and so on.
These resources are what one needs to make them feel whole, complete, competent and capable of taking care of themselves as an emotionally independent, self-sufficient and self-respecting, mature adult.

What many don’t know is that LFE is actually progressively depleted from the mind/body every time an individual experiences a negative or emotionally traumatic event in life. To understand this more clearly, it can be said that each disappointing or painful negative life event “knocks” a bit of LFE (i.e. you) out of one’s body or effectively causes one to “die” a little bit.

Each time a negative event occurs it leaves a scar of the event in the person which many refer to as the “negative memory” of that event. That memory is more than just a scar however. It also serves to act as what I have called an LFE (energy) ‘parasite’ that continues to deplete LFE while it remains inside the person, thereby continuing to compromise their emotional, physical and relationship health.

It was discovered over a decade ago that such negative memories could be permanently and completely deleted or erased from within, thereby helping the individual progressively and cumulatively restore and re-integrate their LFE into their mind/body.

This process helps an individual eliminate all neediness and restores a sense of wholeness, completeness, confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, attractiveness, emotional independence, maturity and much more.
Needless to say, the positive impacts on a person’s life and relationships are immense and permanent.

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