Knowing the basic office etiquette is very essential for having a healthy environment in the workplace. It helps you get along really well with people. When you know how to behave at work, you can easily avoid conflicting issues and attract people towards you. Today’s competitive job market requires employees to be adequately trained in terms of office or workplace etiquette.

Given below are some of the key office etiquette that you should follow in order to make yourself approachable, likable and promotable.

Wear Dress Appropriately
While going to the office, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the way you dress. It’s a good idea to find out the dress code in advance so that you don’t over-dress or under-dress. It may be ok when you under-dress, but over-dressing can create problems for you.

Don’t Bully Employees or Co-workers
Bullying employees or workers is bad office etiquette. It’s never advisable to start bullying people in the office once you are promoted to a senior level job position. Bullying others will never earn you the respect and trust of others. You won’t be able to build an effective team if adopt bullying as a habit.

Know Email Etiquette
If not handled carefully, emails can quickly damage your reputation or even cause you to lose your job. Sending emails takes just a couple of seconds. But the impact it makes will remain for a long time. Therefore, it’s important to know the best practices of handling emails.

Remember these things –

Make your emails brief and to-the-point
Don’t attach large files to emails
Write a descriptive subject line
Respond to received emails within 24 hours

Avoid Discussing Inappropriate Topics
Professional and personal lives are two different things. While at office, you should always remember not to get them mixed. In fact, you should never discuss about some specific topics in the workplace. Things like religion, politics, personal matters should always be discussed outside an office. It’s really bad office etiquette to discuss these things in the office.

Don’t Play Blame Games
Among other important office etiquette, you should also remember not to play the blame game. Putting blames on those who aren’t actually responsible will not take you anywhere. However, it can make you lose your job once the truth is out.

If you want to achieve professional success, you should always abide by the above mentioned office etiquette. The more quickly you build your reputation in the workplace and earn respect from others, the sooner you can get promoted to positions of higher responsibility.

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While you are in the workplace, you'll come across a wide range of work related issues. It's important to prepare yourself in advance to handle such issues so as to avoid any kind of harm to your professional career. Any kind of mistake can make you ruin your reputation in workplace and lose your job.