If you take a bunch of sugar and dissolve it in water the sugar disappears. But when you taste the water that sugar is still there. The sugar is in every drop… it’s all-pervading.

The sugar is like the presence of God which is everywhere. We are the drop of sugar water that comes to the roots of the Tree of Life and spreads out to the limbs and out to the leaves.

We are the billions of leaves called “Humanity” that abound on this great tree.
There are some beings… who over many lifetimes who move closer to God… and they make their way up the limbs… thus they are those who have great faith.
There are those… who move even closer to God because they see everything from the point of view of love. And thus they make their way to the trunk of the tree of life.

And then… there are those who are so connected to the Creator so much that they give up all sense of individuality in order to be One With Everything and God. Thus they have joined with the roots of the tree of life and will not suffer the cycles of life and death and rebirth.

All are worthy in the same way, all are loved the same, all are all important parts of this great tree of life.

Without the leaves, the tree would die, and without the limbs, the tree would not have leaves and would die, and without the roots, the tree would not survive. So every aspect of the tree is loved in the same way.

It just depends upon our process of understanding ourselves and the great oneness of everything… as we move from one area of the tree of life finding inner freedom.

And sooner or later everyone joins the Roots of the Tree of Life for all Eternity.
Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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