What Penis Size Do Women Prefer: What Is the Ideal Penis Size

You will find out that there are plenty of penis lengthening methods that have become readily available for virtually anyone who has access to the net, but the question for many men still remains, "what is the best way to make my penis longer", perhaps the best way to find out to try all available method and see which is really best.

Perhaps you are like me who enjoys a good date and good night with a sexy lady. But there are times when self consciousness prevails when a woman will see you naked and see your male organ for the first time. There are some obvious reactions although there are some who knows how to hide their reactions when they see that I'm not as well endowed in that department. So I decided to help myself and looked for ways to lengthen my penis.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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Through my quest to find the right solution, I realized that there are indeed ways I can increase the size of my penis but not all methods found on the net most especially is effective and that it will take time before any real effect can be had. I was skeptical but very optimistic.

To make a long story short, I realized that the best way to increase my penis size was to actually do penis exercises that are meant to lengthen it. And the best penis exercise around is the Pubococcygeal Stretch or the PC Stretch. Doing this exercise continuously and religiously for about 3 months indeed helped me achieve what I've always thought impossible, it did increase my penis but not that much so I am still continuing with the exercise and indeed it seems that it is elongating my member.

The PC Stretch is done by stretching the penis and strengthening the PC muscle, the muscle that is responsible for erection and controlling ejaculation. The stretch is done by placing the penis in a semi erect position and slightly strangling it with the middle finger and thumb. The hand is then moved towards the head of the penis and upon reaching the head the penis is then stretched towards its limit, the stretch is held for 5-10 seconds, relaxation phase ensues next then the process is repeated again. I do this for about 20 reps.

Doing this indeed helped me increase my length and I will continue to do this until I reach the length I'm truly satisfied with. So what is the best way to make my penis longer? I now have the answer and that is do penis enlargement exercises.

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As you might know, there are plenty of methods available out there to enlarge your penis. There are pills, pumps, extenders, lotions and so on that will all claim that you can have a bigger penis in just a couple of days. The reality however is a very different picture.

Think of it this way, can you change the size of any other body part overnight? The answer is no. Even if you were developing your biceps or chest, you will have to give it a few days or weeks to see an improvement. The penis is no different to the other body parts when it comes to responding to exercises.

The penis however is not a muscle. The size of the penis is dependent on the amount of blood it can hold. There are three large chambers in the penis that hold blood. When you start to experience an erection, blood starts to gush into these penis chambers and your penis becomes erect. These chambers are surrounded by cell walls. In most adults, these cell walls would have thickened over time thus reducing the size of the chambers. The penis size is also thus restricted due to the small size of these chambers.

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Exercises will gradually cause these excessively thick cell walls to break down to more normal ways. Though it sounds a bit extreme, it is actually similar to fat loss. You lose something that you do not need, in this case, a really thick cell wall that is broken down to a more normal level.

There are actually many different exercises that need to be done to go about achieving penis enlargement with the help of exercises. Most people who have had success with penis exercises are those that have followed a schedule with dedication and patience. It will usually take you about 5-9 weeks to see results. You will have to exercise your penis for about 10 minutes a day during that time frame.

An example of these penis enlargement exercises is the wet jelq method. This is when you make an OK sign with your thumb and fore finger and then grip your semi erect penis around the base. The grip should be firm but not uncomfortable. You have to slowly move this grip towards the penis head and switch with the other hand and repeat the process with both hands. The number of repetitions and variations of this exercise will of course depend on the stage of exercising that you are in.

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The penis enlargement industry is a multiple Million Dollar business. While a select part of the population is very interested in penis enhancement, there is a large community that is against penis enlargement. There are several reasons for the strong opposition, some of which are listed below.

1. People who are not interested in male enhancement are content with their penis size

2. People who advice against enlargement are not adequately informed about it

3. People who call male enhancement methods a scam are those who have never even tried enlarging their penis in the first place

The above reasons are some of the most common causes behind people advising against enlargement or calling them scams. They however do have some valid concerns. That is due to the fact that there are some unscrupulous companies out there that are trying to take advantage of people interested in penis enlargement by marketing junk products. In general, you should try to avoid the following types of methods that are probably scams.

1. Avoid enlargement methods that promise you gains over night or in a couple of days - it is not possible

2. Avoid websites that will claim that you can grow your penis by 4 inches. While it is not completely impossible, it is not very practical in most cases

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3. Avoid sites that cross promote several enlargement methods all in one place. This is a sure sign that the site is just trying to profit from you buy selling you something or the other before you leave.

Now that you know what should be avoided, you should also know what to look for before choosing a good enlargement method.

1. Choose something that is natural. Pumping your penis rigorously is not natural for example.

2. Choose a method that will give you permanent results, not temporary. Pills, pumps, lotions and some other methods will require you to use them on an everyday basis which is not practical.

3. Be realistic about your penis enlargement goals. A 1 inch gain is a reasonable expectation while a gain of 4 inches is just unrealistic. You will just be setting yourself for disappointment.

Having mentioned the various pointers to select an enhancement method, you would be interested to know which is the best method to follow out there. Penis enlargement exercises are a sure shot way of increasing your penis size. This is the best method out there due to several reasons, it gives you permanent results, it gives you natural results and it is a safe process that takes a few weeks to give you a bigger penis.

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Believe it or not, many guys out there choose to live with the fact that their penis is too small for any woman's liking. Either they are just plain ignorant, or are at a lost as to what they can do to increase their size down there. One thing for certain though; getting a bigger penis is not impossible at all and in fact is easy to achieve! How?

Simply by exercising it!

That is all it takes to make your penis grow from weak and limp to being more masculine and sexually fitter to drive your woman crazy in bed!

What exercising does is to force more blood into the main blood chambers within your male organ. This in turn causes the tissues inside to expand, resulting in your penis becoming naturally bigger in physique over time.

Of course, exercising is not the only option you have for enhancing your manhood size. There are plenty of products out there which can give you just about the same results. But here are some reasons why doing exercises is a much preferred method:

1. It is easy!

Penis exercising does not involve any extra-complicated routines at all. The exercises can be easily done from home, and using simply your hands! It takes just about 20 minutes each day to do the exercises in the morning, so it is extremely ideal even if you lead a super hectic lifestyle.

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2. It is not expensive!

You only need to use your hands to do the exercises. There is no need for any special devices or tools to help you perform the routines. This means you save yourself from spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on any other male enhancement products.

3. It improves your penis health too!

Apart from making changes to your penis size, exercising also helps to address its health. Doing the exercises regularly help improve the blood circulation to your male organ, giving it more strength in order to easier attain a harder erection in bed, which undoubtedly will arouse your woman sexually and increase the sexual intensity in your relationship by several marks!

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