What radio station do you listen to?

If you are the speaker, frankly it does not matter.

However, as the speaker, you must know what your audience is listening to.

Everyone in your audience is listening to the same station. They all may be listening to a different program, but all are tuned to the same station.

Your speech must be playing on that station. Your message must be broadcast directly on each of those programs.

What station can be uniquely programmed individually to all your listeners?

Welcome to WIIFM, the “What’s In It For Me” station.

Yes. Your audience wants to know why they should listen to you. They expect to hear that you are going to tell them something worthwhile. They demand that you care about them and their needs.


Your audience did not just appear in their seats. They came specifically to hear you. They came to hear about a specific topic. They expect you to be knowledgeable on that topic.

They have a reason: to be entertained, informed, persuaded or inspired. Maybe they have more than one reason.

Do you know why your audience is there?

Your first responsibility is to know your audience. It is one of the “Ten Practical P’s of Public Speaking.” You should understand them, their interests and their mood. You will want to tailor the information in your speech, your style, tone, and manner of delivery for them.

Don't forget - they want you to do well. They are happy that you are here and speaking.

Although your audience knows they want something, they do not know what they want. They may not even know they have a problem. They could be there to know more about a topic, or to be entertained.

For you, it is important that you make your message personal, to reach each one. Your presentation should show them that what you have to say applies to each person directly and personally.

You have to convince them that you are going to do one thing: either you will reduce their pain, or you will increase their pleasure. AND, you have to prove that your approach is the best way to do that.

That will be your “sales pitch.”

By the time you begin your call to action, everyone will be tuned in to your program. You will have convinced everyone that you are the program of choice on WIIFM.


Author's Bio: 

Fred Haley, published author and speaker, has been a member of Toastmasters for over 12 years. Fred has earned two Distinguished Toastmasters awards. His web site, www.TOASTMENTOR.com is "Every Toastmaster's first stop for advice and resources." Fred publishes a regular ToastMentor newsletter. Contact Fred at Fred@Toastmentor.com.