Best position

Rahu is in the 3rd House & Ketu is in the 9th House

This is seen to be an auspicious combination; due to Rahu being a natural malefic and Ketu being quite settled in the ninth house due to its affinity with Sagittarius. With this combination you can have the best of both worlds, Rahu offers you material wealth, whilst Ketu gives you peace and retrospection within.

Rahu in the third provides mental and physical ability that should be used in a positive way to manage the balance of attributes of the third house and the ninth house, such as aggression and compassion, physics and religion, matter and spirit – it may feel like there is a pull further towards one direction but using the mental strength to maintain the balance is key.

If early on in your life you haven’t achieved the successes and fame you may seek, then this placement allows for this to happen in the later years of your life and make your mark on the world. Ketu is the one that can bring about fortune and religion if they have been dormant for the early years of your life.

Worst position

Rahu is in the 8th House & Ketu is in the 2nd House

In this placement, there may be a desire to be careless with finances, or have the feeling to spend more and not manage finances properly. Extra care with finances during this time is key. You may feel like you have a good deal in front of you or the home of your dreams is at arms reach if this is the case take caution and make sure to manage the financial situation with caution and care. Be humble and don’t be afraid to ask others for help, this may help lead to you leaving your legacy, which can be found when Rahu is in the eighth house.

It may be common to encourage travel, but mostly for pleasure over the business. You may not be inclined to follow traditional religious practices but this is an opportunity to delve into a spiritual path or seek one, as there may be an urge to learn about the philosophies in life.

With Rahu in the eighth house, it also provides a boost to the significations of the house such as transformation, travel, adventures, deep thinking, exploring, researching and anything that requires dealing with old or vintage things are influenced.

There is a need here also to establish a balance between the second and the eighth house, however, there may be a tendency to completely ignore the requirements of the second house or manage them without too much care.

It will be important to take extra care when verbalizing your thoughts – the tendency will be to speak your mind, but your words could get misinterpreted, for this reason, the written text will be better for you where possible.

You will need to cultivate some optimism in your life if you are not a natural optimist. Ketu in the second house could lean towards creating a sense of pessimism in your mind – so always good to keep the mind focused on the positive.

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Sri Tulasi is an Indian Astrology Blogger and an eminent astrologer.