When you suffer from tubal blockage, you will have difficulty in pregnancy. From time to time, your doctor may suggest that you can try IVF to get conceived. But maybe you don’t want to have surgeries due to the expense and the potential risks. Is there any replacement?

In clinical practice, the tubal blockage is that the tube's diameter becomes smaller, and the eggs can not pass through, which hinders the meeting of sperm and egg. Inflammation makes the walls of fallopian tube thick, stiff, water, and adhesion, resulting in obstruction or unobstructed.

Doctors point out that a healthy fallopian tube is a vital channel in normal fertility, which is the place that eggs and sperm meet. In order not to separate, they are closely linked and successfully integrate into a fertilized egg. Besides, the fertilized egg has to run to the uterus's warm home through the only way of a fallopian tube.

When the fallopian tube is blocked or unblocked but not smooth, there will be two results. One is the fallopian tube entirely blocked so that eggs and sperm can not meet; the result is infertility. Another is that the fallopian tube is not smooth. Sperm and eggs meet and merge after many hurdles. However, the fertilized eggs encounter insurmountable roadblocks on the way home, so they can only settle in fallopian tube, which can lead to ectopic pregnancy.

While if you want to prevent infertility caused by blocked fallopian tubes, you must do a good job of prevention in life. If you are suspicious of the existence of tubal blockage, what should you do?

At any rate, you need to be checked to confirm whether the fallopian tube has formed a blockage. HSG is a widely used evaluation technology of tubal patency. It can clearly see the position and degree of tubal obstruction, and evaluate the possibility of pregnancy after fallopian dredging.

The treatment of tubal blockage caused by inflammation can be solved by medication, such as herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. It can not treat tubal blockage but also improves your immunity and self-healing ability, enables you to have a better physical status to conceive with healthy babies naturally.

In the event that the blockage is because of the damage to a fraction of the fallopian tube, the damaged part can be surgically removed so that the female’s healthy eggs and sperm can be connected normally. It is recommended to use IVF for elderly patients with ovarian dysfunction and blocked fallopian tubes combined with the male's abnormal semen.

Females should be alert to gynecological inflammation. Female infertility is commonly caused by tubal obstruction and other common diseases. They should pay attention to the cleanliness of the reproductive system and prevent various infections pathogens.

In daily life, it is difficult to find tubal blockage in the early phase until they can not conceive for many years, which gives the opportunity for the condition to breathe and then brings unnecessary harm to females. Therefore, for patients with tubal blockage, get timely treatment is always important. Good luck.

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