If you are a trade buyer looking to use the dropshipping route to sell merchandise online to your customers in the UK, you need to be careful. Ecommerce scams are proliferating in the UK with fraudsters trying out new approaches to cheat traders of their hard-earned money.

The success they have tasted in pulling off ecommerce scams in the UK markets have emboldened these fraudsters. They believe that they can get away with anything and use every lowly trick possible to make some easy money.

One of the best ways of avoiding getting caught in the net of these scammers is to register with Esources.co.uk.

Esources is the largest online trade directory service, designed to help small and novice ecommerce entrepreneurs in making a steady start to their online selling endeavor. The directory service is preferred by a large and growing number of trade buyers and suppliers for its amazing business features and the excellent support it offers to both UK and international traders.

If the Esources.co.uk review posts are anything to go by, then this B2B platform is much more than a trade directory service. There are many benefits that trade buyers can enjoy by signing up with Esources.

Some Of The Key Benefits Are:

• Access to genuine and vetted wholesale suppliers and dropshippers

• Free as well as affordable premium subscription plans for varying time lengths

• Create a products list for your business from one of the largest catalogs available online

• Find suppliers for your products quickly

• Access free e-courses that provide valuable information on how to set up and manage various aspects of your online business

Trade buyers can become Esources subscribers for free by using the basic membership option.

By Signing Up As A Free Member, You Can:

• Get free access to the entire list of premium subscribers and contact them directly

• Find out about the latest wholesale offers and get free quotes

• Get free email updates on the latest offers as they come up

Suppliers too can benefit from using the free basic membership.

The Key Features Of This Plan Are:

• Suppliers can post their business profiles on the site and add any number of products for free.

• They are allowed to submit up to five business profiles which can boost the chances of being found by relevant buyers

• They can post sale leads and find buy leads specific to the kind of products they deal in

It is important to note that Esources.co.uk also offers the same features and facilities to local and international suppliers as well.

Esources is regarded as the best online resource for accurate and updated information about everything associated with the ecommerce industry in the UK. According to Esources.co.uk review posts, the portal has been designed to meet the growing need for genuine information about legitimate and verified UK and international wholesalers, distributors, dropshippers, importers, and exporters.

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