What is keeping you from moving forward with your weight loss? Are you dwelling on the past of other failed attempts to lose weight? Has the excuse train made a permanent stop to prohibit you from starting a plan? It's time you find the answers to the aforementioned questions and start your weight loss.

I know it is hard when it comes to weight loss and following through with a plan. It seems like everything get in the way. You're ok for a week or two but beyond that you start to move away from eating healthy and not exercising on a daily basis. You want to know how to keep going and following through but nothing is working.

When you have been on every weight loss plan you've come across and still haven't experience permanent success, it's time to do something different. It is time for you to approach weight loss in a different manner so you can be successful. You can't use the same old tactics and diets year end and year out and think it is going to work. Honestly, you will never experience true success.

I was once told your outer life reflects your inner life! This is such a true statement. Think about it for a minute. When you are feeling all horrible and upset on the inside do you really want to go out and exercise? Do you really want to eat something healthy? Of course not! You want to eat horrible and sit on the couch. Therefore, you must figure out what is going on inside of you that is causing this to happen. I am not telling you to go seek professional care unless you feel the need to do it. I am telling you to do a self evaluation of what is causing you not to follow through and keep going.

When you have the moments of not wanting to exercise or eat healthy, what is going on inside your head? A lot of people have this problem but don't know how to get past it and they give up. Don't let what is going on inside hold you back from what you are trying to achieve. This is when you need to put pen to paper. Write it in a spiral notebook so you can keep track of the feelings you are having at that moment. A lot of those feeling will be the same 90% of the time. This is where you have to learn to replace the feelings so you can stay on track to experience permanent weight loss.

Take the tactic I shared with you and use it on a daily basis to help you get through some of the obstacles you encounter with your weight. Don't let past failed weight loss attempts keep you in a dormant state. You can do it!

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Marisa Torrington is an authority on effective weight loss. She has impacted the lives of many of her clients with her no nonsense way of losing weight. She introduces her clients to an alternative way to lose weight. She has experienced the struggles of weight loss and learned to overcome them. She is very knowledgeable in the field of wellness and fitness. Her goal is to help as many people as she can to lose weight and gain great health. Get a free 52-page report