Brace yourselves because we are about to fill you in on the latest summer trends! Summer is the season of happiness and joy. It’s the season where you can show off all your best outfits. We’re going to be telling you about all the essentials you need to rock your look this summer.

Get Your Bright On!

Bright colors are all you need in this scorching sun. There’s so much you can explore in this wide spectrum of colors and patterns. Yellow and orange have always been a hit when it comes to summer clothes. But don’t limit yourself to these two colors, explore, explore, and explore! Expand your wardrobe by adding hot pink, light blue, marigold and some pastels.

All that Glamour

I think Pakistanis look forward to weddings more than anything else in their lives. You get to dress fabulously without being judged by anyone. Chiffon material is probably the best for fancy wear because you can wear it whether it’s burning hot or freezing cold! We’re going to let you in on a little secret about where you can buy some amazing chiffon material clothes. Mohagni has the best vibrant chiffon dresses available on their website. Their prices are affordable for everyone and their designs are absolute jaw droppers! If you want to get your hands on some amazing desi wear, Mohagni is undoubtedly what you’re looking for.

The Mughal Era

You probably must have seen a numerous number of people wearing kurtas with Mughal style prints on them. There’s no question on why these dresses are so popular, they just look so good! Your look upgrades so many levels of class, royalty and just looking like a hotshot. Whether these designs are imprinted on your kurtas, formal wear, shoes or jewelry, you should definitely try them on this summer.

Mix it Up

Ever paired your kurti with jeans? I’m sure you have. Most people disagree with the fact that eastern and western go well together. I say it’s a fashion statement, and certainly not an ugly one. If you’re looking for a formal look for a meeting at work or a big presentation, try pairing your palazzo pants with a button up shirt tucked in. I’m sure you will leave everyone in shock, and certainly the good kind.. 

Less is More

Don’t get too extravagant with your shoes this summer. A minimalistic design will complete your look perfectly. Whether it’s khussas you’re trying on, or a pair of six inches, make it as plain as possible. Try to choose neutral or pastel colors when picking out shoes. Remember, less is more!

What Do You Think?

In the end, you’re obviously going to go with the look that resonates with your style the most. But it’s high time to step out of your comfort zone and explore a little! There’s no harm in changing your look every now and then, there’s so much adventure in the world of fashion and everyone should be a part of it. 

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