Job hunting, obviously. But before your quest for the perfect graphic design job actually begins, a three-step process is imperative. What are these? First of all is to conduct a little self-questioning. What are you good at? What is your Achilles’ heel in graphic design? Do you prefer full-time employment or you wish to work on your own time? Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are as well what keeps you on your toes can help you determine the kind of graphic design job perfect for you.

It’s useless to submit resume to tons of companies just for the sake of getting a job fast. Chances are you won’t last a month and will only ruin the chance to start your career on the right track. Graphic design is a fast-growing profession and you will surely find an employer who needs your service. However, it’s better not to grab just any job offered. Consider first if the project or position matches your goals, skills and preferences. Keep in mind that while flexibility is a good attribute, there are things you simply can’t bend.

Second step is to understand the nature of your work. A good graphic designer course equips you with skills necessary to complete most projects but other requirements such as good communication skills, attention to detail and ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines may be inherent or improved outside a classroom. This is true whether you’ve taken traditional or on line courses in graphic design. Learn what the job specifically requires and make the necessary preparations to satisfy these.

Lastly, get the feel of the job market. Check out companies hiring graphic designers. Also, research about the starting salary range and the atmosphere in the companies you are interested in joining. These will be valuable not only in determining which projects to take or firm to apply to but also in acing a job interview.
Really, even the most competent graduates of graphic designer courses will have to exert effort in finding their first job so don’t hate this part, embrace it instead.

Applicants for graphic design positions are similar to many other applicants in different fields; they have to know themselves well, the job they are applying for and the industry they wish to become a part of if they want to make less mistakes in their hunt for the elusive first job. If you haven’t taken a course yet, it makes perfect sense to enroll in a school where job assistance is available for graduates. Aside from giving you industry insider tips, the course provider will assist you in creating your resume and portfolio.

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