Schools and school lunch programs have gone through drastic shifts throughout the past year and beyond. Between schooling from home, hybrid school, and full-time in-classroom learning, schools are changing the way they operate. With concerns for health and safety and increased comfort in going digital, what’s next for school lunch programs?

Many schools have adopted school lunch ordering systems that allow for parents to order their child’s lunch online. This makes the school lunch process easier for both parents and food service providers.

The Benefits of School Lunch Online Ordering Systems for Parents With a school lunch ordering system, parents will order their child’s school lunch from or on a mobile app. They will be able to access online menus with detailed nutrition and allergy information. This allows parents to make the best choice possible for their child’s school lunch from the comfort of their home or on the go. Parents will no longer have to worry about giving their students paper order forms and cash that could be lost on their way to school. Online school lunch ordering systems give parents the confidence that their child will receive their school lunch choice safely every day.

The Benefits of School Lunch Ordering Systems for Administrators helps to automate mundane tasks that school lunch administrators perform. Upon receiving orders online, the system will generate reports to aid in food distribution, accounting, and future ordering. For foodservice providers that manage lunch programs at multiple schools, they can streamline decisions across all the schools they manage with They can also make customizations for each of the schools as needed. The system makes it easy for administrators to communicate with parents via the mobile app or online. The system is available in English, Spanish, and French.

Post-Covid Accommodations

An online school lunch ordering system is essential to make school lunch programs as contactless as possible. By eliminating paper order forms and cash payments, contact is minimized. The software additionally can generate classroom-based distribution plans. Many schools have shifted to this model as it eliminates crowded cafeteria lines. The system will simply separate each order by classroom and help administrators to easily distribute lunches to each classroom. In a post-covid world, families are increasingly used to online ordering systems. Bring your school lunch program into the 21st century today with

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Hot Lunch provides a school lunch software that is designed to automate mundane tasks through an easy-to-use interface. Hot Lunch serves food service providers, schools and offices to help provide them with a more efficient way to manage their hot lunch program. We help customers switch from the old-fashioned school lunch program model to an online school lunch ordering system that helps to make both the ordering process and management process simpler for all parties involved.