So, you’re going to be in Sutherland Shire- a vibrant southern part of Sydney this May? Well, you should be excited!

The city is known for its unique social gatherings and events, many of which are scheduled to take place in May. 

So gear up, mates! 

“A New Meaning To Fun”- Events To Enjoy This May On Your Stay!


Scheduled to start from the 3rd of May, 19, this arrangement will be a cost-free feast for local as well as visiting foodies. The time span to reach the Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen set-up is between 4 p.m to 12 a.m.

This arrangement is wonderful for families on vacation. Music and entertainment will make the environment more friendly and witnessing such a vast variety of unique and culturally diverse food items will surely awe-inspire! 

The location is in the heart of Engadine Town Square specifically at 1040 Old Princes Hwy, Engadine. This is a popular event in the region and with most people around here using taxi services or Airport transfer services in Sutherland Shire; one will not find any issue with their transfer. 

The only thing to keep in mind is to make the booking ahead of time. As the event closes in, the demands could surge drastically.


This has already started from the 28th of April, 19 and is scheduled to happen the last Sunday of every month this year. The timings are from 7 a.m to 1 p.m, and with the presence of over 200 stalls, there will be something unique/useful for every type of customer.

  • Food Stalls-offering fresh, healthy and sustainable gourmet food items.
  • Tool Stalls- offering a wide range of electrical goods and products.
  • Musical Stalls- quality entertainment, music and other home improvements/hospitality equipment present for purchase.
  • Children’s Stalls- from clothes, toys, accessories; one will find no shortages of fascinating items to pick and purchase.
  • And Recycle Stalls- all sorts of DVD’s CD’s, homewares appliances and books will be available for an avid purchaser.

All the fun and action has already begun at President Lane, Caringbah. So, pre-book the Airport Shuttle serving in and around Sutherland Shire, and ensure safe, door-to-door and hassle-free transfers.

Their drivers will use GPS trackers built-in the vehicle to find out the shortest/less jammed roads for a prompt and enjoyable ride. 


This is scheduled to go live on the 31st of May’19 from 7:00 p.m at a poultry price of Au$49.50. It will be a blues-swampy kind of gala as its fans witness the exciting new collaboration of two musical gems- Tex Perkins and Matt Walker!

Tickets are available online, and the setting of this event is slated to be at the Brass Monkey, 115 Cronulla Street. 

One can expect the traffic to be a little rough on the day especially on the route leading to the location. However, there’s no need to mull over this. Reliable airport transfer service provider in Sutherland Shire has competent drivers who know alternative routes to ensure one reaches the location safe, prepared and importantly before schedule.

Last Words:

Taking help from quality service providers offering Sutherland Shire to Sydney Airport Transfer will guarantee low fare rides, timely pick-ups and clean-luxurious vehicles to reach these events. 

Online booking is available, and so book the ride as early as possible to make the most the Sutherland Shire stay.

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The author is a writer who has first-hand knowledge about travelling with Airport transfer services in Sutherland Shire. And sharing those experiences, the author educates the readers with articles and blogs about how Airport Shuttle serving in and around Sutherland Shire makes travelling safe, hassle-free and cost-convenient.