Does the rising cart abandonment rate on your online portal disappoint you?

Have you ever wondered what could be the possible cart abandonment reasons?

Can you resonate with these questions?

It turns out you can radically counteract the cart abandonment by incorporating simple ecommerce solutions.

Today’s blog post has been ideally curated for you to understand the cart abandonment strategy.

Let’s begin by a brief introduction of our today’s culprit: Cart Abandonment

It is a behavioral phenomenon that brings an adverse impact on your conversion rates. It indicates the irrational behavior of the consumer when he/she leaves the page on the online shopping portal before completing the purchase.

And, you care because your ecommerce development strategy is not working; thus, you end up losing potential revenue!

We have got concrete cart abandonment solutions ensuring that the visitor receives a satisfying user experience while purchasing their first visit.

Keep reading to gain simple yet powerful tips to counter cart abandonment.

o Focus on the speed of your ecommerce website: A consumer may get depressed seeing the page speed on your website leading him to give up the idea of shopping. It is crucial to optimize the images and different elements on the pages to enhance the performance of the website. Try not to embed social plugins and tags at this point of time to avoid slow loading of pages.

o Ensure that the checkout process is not cumbersome: An effortless navigation encourages the consumer to add more to the cart. With a user-friendly check out design that offers minimal steps, it is possible to boost the conversion rates. According to a survey conducted by Baymard Institute, 26% of the US online shoppers abandon the cart because of the too complicated checkout process. Keep check out process short and simple for desired outcomes.

o Get a mobile responsive ecommerce site: A smartphone user may never come to know about your website if you do not provide a mobile-friendly shopping experience. And, you lose a lion share of smartphone users who could be your potential customers! Optimize your website to increase mobile adaptability.

o Stimulate trust with security standards: A visitor may feel hesitant to pay you if the site doesn’t have a security logos empowered by Visa, Norton Security, and others. Asking for personal information and lacking security badges may prove detrimental for your website. According to VWO eCommerce Cart Abandonment Report, around 59% of shoppers abandoned a purchase because the website asked to share sensitive information. Look legitimate with security encryptions and certifications.

o Streamline payment gateways: A user loves to shop from a website that incorporates multiple payment methods. It is vital to integrate the payment process with the mainstream as well as alternative payment options to encourage shoppers. Offer a wide range of options to deal with global consumers.

Can you see value here?

By including the mentioned above cart abandonment strategies, you can enrich the user experience while enjoying higher conversion rates.

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