Numbers can say a lot about us. They can reveal our personalities and the kind of life that we are likely to lead. Such things can be easily gleaned from our date of birth. For example, Number 9 people are courageous and tend to fight for what they think is just or right. They have good leadership qualities too. If you are a number 3 person, you will find that your financial fortunes will keep fluctuating throughout your life.

Normally, numerologists use our birth numbers, house numbers, or names to make numerological predictions about us. Interestingly, our phone numbers, too, can be included in this list now. Numerologists say that they can reveal a lot about our communication energy. In other words, our communication style.

It is easy to find out your phone’s ‘communication number’. All you have to do is add all the digits in your phone number just like you would do to calculate your birth or life path number. Then reduce the sum of all the digits to a single number. Let’s say your mobile number is 98401 24300. Add the digits together – 9+8+4+0+1+2+4+3+0+0. The sum of all these digits is 31, so your communication number is 4.

Depending on your communication number, the communication energy for you will be as follows.

1 – you are a person who will be able to get your point across clearly and naturally. You will be heard by those around you. This number is linked to the Sun and the Leo Zodiac Sign. This number represents entrepreneurs, self-starters, and those in the spotlight.

2 -This is the number of people who truly care about others. You are good listeners and tend to have thoughtful conversations. It’s a great number for people in the care-giving or hospitality industries. This number is associated with the Cancer Zodiac Sign, and the Moon.

3 - People with this number are ‘larger than life’. They love travel and adventure. The number is associated with Jupiter and the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign.

4 -These people have their own communication style. They may get unexpected calls and messages, which will necessitate sudden changes in plans. This number is linked to planet Uranus and the Aquarius Zodiac Sign.

5 - This number is associated with the planet of communication, Mercury. People who have this number will be popular, and their phones are likely to be busy most of the time. This number is associated with the Gemini Zodiac Sign and Virgo Zodiac Sign.

6 - Congratulations! This is the number of love! So, you may get many messages of love, and you will have no problems falling in love, nor will you lack romance in life. The number is associated with Venus and the Libra Zodiac Sign and Taurus Zodiac Sign.

7 – This is a great number for those working in the healing professions. Ensure that people understand you well. The messages you receive may bring you in contact with the deeper side of life. The number is linked with Neptune and the Pisces Zodiac Sign.

8 – This is the number of karma. Those who have this number usually have it for a reason. Such people may have a task to accomplish, or may be burdened with some important responsibilities. It is linked to the planet, Saturn, and the Capricorn Zodiac Sign.

9 – This is the number of transformation. Expect your life to move into a new phase. Be diplomatic with the people you speak to. Number 9 is ruled by the zodiac signs, Aries Zodiac Sign and Scorpio Zodiac Sign, and the planets, Pluto and Mars.

Now that you know what your communication energy is like, you can use the knowledge to your advantage.

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