There are a few seo basics people using content online need to master and use to get the most out of their efforts! Properly optimizing anything you compose for use in your content distribution strategy will get you higher rankings with the search engines! This of course means more traffic for your site!

It is always best however to understand what using seo in this way is all about and what it is not in terms of your expectations!

Here's a quick rundown of the 3 main variables involved in content optimization as well as 3 challenges this strategy may present!



Relevance is the rule when choosing the words and/or phrases most suitable for the subject you write about and the readers you target. Properly selecting the most appropriate keywords is your first step and the most critical when using content online!


Placing selected words and phrases strategically and sparingly is the best way to get higher rankings with search engines! The key is to use your selections in the most natural and appropriate manner so what you wrote will be easy to read and understand!


Using too little or too many of your selected words and/or phrases can cause you to either be ignored or even penalized for overuse if you're not careful! Keyword density, the overall use of your designated keywords on a percentage basis within your content, is recommended to be between 1 and 5 percent!


People (in most cases)

Your use of this strategy is to get the attention of search engines in an effort to receive higher rankings in their search results! Make no mistake you are bowing to algorithms in doing so and not to the reading enjoyment of people! The issue here is that it's people you write for and this is NOT to be ignored!

Easy Reading (or perhaps NOT!)

As mentioned earlier it's important to place keywords ONLY where they fit naturally within the context of what your wrote! Quite often however some people tend to get a bit overzealous with their use and placement assuming their efforts will be rewarded with higher rankings! The long and short of this approach will only result in getting search engines to ignore your efforts while making what you wrote a difficult read!

Time Efficiency (or a lack thereof)

With the ongoing changes made by Google in algorithms you may find your past efforts rendered useless! In addition altering your strategies to address these changes may affect your work efficiency since you lose any proficiency you had before these changes! Fear not however since in time you'll adapt, but in the interim you'll be going through a learning curve and this alters your efficiency!

Making use of a few simple seo basics is the best way to increase traffic to your site when using content online! Achieving higher rankings with the search engines is the purpose behind optimizing anything you wrote with keywords! On the other hand however, this strategy does not come without certain challenges for people using content as discussed above! The long and short of what's been talked about here today is that every content distribution campaign needs an effective optimization strategy to get the best results! In doing so however it's best to recognize the 'minor' challenges it may present ahead of time so they can be planned for and even avoided!

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