ake sure you are not using different shoes for different sports. Tennis shoes are the closest related to Basketball shoes in construction, however the rubber on the bottoms of these shoes are both different. The rubber on the tennis soles are a harder material than basketball. The material make up of a tennis court is like sandpaper and using a basketball shoe on tennis courts will tear up the softer rubber that is designed for a wood court. Cross Trainers are NOT a good shoe type for tennis or basketball because of the design of the sides of the shoes. In both tennis and basketball you have a lot of motion that is sideways and cross trainers are not designed for the lateral forces that are placed on them.

Your best bet is to look around for something specific for each sport. I suggest Nike, Adidas, New Balance or KSwiss for your tennis shoe and probably the same brands (minus KSwiss) for the basketball. I would answer more specifically but honestly each person's foot is different and if I tell you what I like/wear and your foot is designed differently you could suffer a major injury. If you want a better explanation of that, please feel free to message me.Read more at https://lornemarrfitafter45.ca/shoes-for-every-type-of-training/

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Alex More editor, writer