Writing executive resumes can be a challenging project, especially when you don’t write them on a regular basis. One reason this is the case is because they are so much more entailed than other resumes.

Indeed, there are more key components that should be included in executive resumes to increase your chances of being considered for a top-level position. Let’s take a look at some components to add to make sure you don’t miss you chance at the next great job opportunity.

Make Your Resume Relevant
Just as you should with a standard professional resume, it is important that you make your executive resume relevant to the company you’re applying with. In other words, absolutely no generic resumes are allowed. You should have a great deal of experience with conducting research on the background of a company and learning the ins and outs of clients you’re interested in working with. All of this experience will come in handy when making your resume relevant.

How? Because as you write your resume, you want to make sure that you pinpoint the company’s needs, not just in relation to the position you’re applying for, but as a whole. Because you will be needed as a strong leader in the company, you will need to display a strong understanding of the company’s history, present issues and future goals. This way, you could align your skills, abilities and goals with theirs to show just how much of an asset you could be if they hired you.

Showcase Your Achievements
In addition to making sure that the company knows that you understand their goals, it’s important to toot your own horn in your resume as well. The company needs to understand not just that you understand what they need, but that you’ve exhibited the ability to help other companies meet their goals in a similar fashion as well.

The way to do this is by showcasing your achievements in a grand way. You want to quantify as much as possible by exploring what you’ve accomplished, in what timeframe it was accomplished, how many people your accomplishment affected, how much money was made, etc. You want to paint a clear picture of what you were able to achieve so that the company you’re applying with can paint the same picture.

Include One Differentiating Factor
In a world where competition is indeed fierce, it’s not always easy to find ways to stand out from your competition. However, some executives are discovering that one way to stand out is by including testimonials on their resume to help differentiate them from other candidates. By adding the testimony of an influential person in your industry to your resume, you not only fill in some of the blanks that are required by contacting references, you give the employer an opportunity to follow the leader: if an influential person loves you, maybe the company could too.

Your executive resume is the key to sparking interesting you in as a candidate and should definitely be taken seriously as it is put together. So take time to make sure you include every reason in the world that an employer should hire you before you let your resume leave your hands.

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