If you are creating your e-commerce store using Magento, you have to deal it carefully. An accurately customized Magento e-commerce store can increase your brand value as well as increase the conversion ratio. In contrast, if you are inexperienced with the fundamentals of the Magento development procedure, it may affect your e-store sales. So, hiring an e-commerce SEO Consultant won't be a bad idea. Let's take a quick look at the Magento SEO checklist that you should remember while developing the e-commerce store in Magento.
Using Default Settings
A customer might be less motivated to browse your e-store in case it is titled as 'Home'. According to the SEO algorithm, you have to use the main keyword as well as if required, a secondary keyword for the home page titles.
Layered Navigation Problems
Layered Navigation helps you browse through different options on a single page. In case, you use this feature, one can face many obstacles (obscured images, overlapped categories, as well as slow page responsive time). You just can't anticipate the visitors to wait for a page to get loaded. To fix the problem, you may follow all these steps:
Just stop the search engine crawlers for crawling through your pages
Make use of Ajax navigation to allow visitors to clean the products easily.
You may always implant Magento premium extensions like Layered Navigation Pro for resolving this problem.
Bad Theme Options
Magento has many beautiful themes specially designed for fitting the e-store of all sizes and shapes. In case, you choose a theme that you think suits e-store the best, you could be making the mistake. You have to look at that from a customer's viewpoint as well as select a theme that is easily controllable and makes the website more comprehensible. Follow these steps given here for superior theme performance:
Always select an easy theme. A heavier theme may slow the website loading time. Any good website page needs to get a load in 20 microseconds.
You should always select a user-friendly theme.
Unresponsive Site
Today, a clean and responsive site makes a very good first impression. In case, it's well-matched on various devices as well as could be viewed with numerous browsers, the Magento store is filled and ready-to-go. Instead, an unresponsive site may affect conversion ratio as well as prove to be harmful to a brand. Make sure that you come in the prior category.
Shared Servers and Resources
If you are linking a Magento store using other online sites and stores, it may decrease the loading speed as well as compromise the safety of the website. Shared resources may largely affect sales of the Magento store. For configuring the website properly, choose a server that is safer from spammers and hackers. PHP5 and MySQL are considered to be the finest options.
The Significance of SEO Consulting
An e-commerce SEO Consultant is a required friend, philosopher, & guide which every website, as well as its owner, needs. Without appropriate SEO consulting, it’s difficult for any website to be submerged in the variable water of the Internet. For starting any business, particularly an online business, a person needs to first find the help of professional web hosting services as well as expert web designers and for an e-commerce website he might also need to get the needed e-commerce software.
The main responsibility of an e-commerce SEO Consultant is to ensure that a website commended to them have better search engine rankings. It means that while customers make some queries on any problem that has a consequence to the website's content; the website needs to come up amongst the best results which search engines serve in the query answer. The key methods deployed by the e-commerce SEO consultant to make sure search rankings is the usage of right keywords in the necessary density, with off-page optimization, as well as tailored of the site and its content to make that more attractive for search engines.
Another aspect where an e-commerce SEO consultant provides importance is link building or off-page optimization. Link building means connecting your website with better-known websites in a way which links from different sites point back with your website. By hiring a right e-commerce SEO consultant, you will have information on the websites which should remain associated with your website to assist in the search engine rankings. Internet is overstocked with names as well as addresses of the companies which provide consulting services as well as there are whole directories about the consultants accessible on the Internet.
Magento store is a very powerful platform. You need to try and exploit that to jam-pack. Taking benefit of the scalable administrative structures, you may create a website that expresses the idea intensely. And in case you ever get any difficulty while creating your e-store, you may always go to the Magento's forum as well as put query there to have a quick answer.

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