Pre-conditioning your mind before taking an important exam like theSeries 7 is crucial to your success. Yes, you may have devoted countless hours studying for such a licensure test, but approaching the exam without the proper mindset and giving in to the pressure can decrease your chances of passing.

So what should be your mindset before taking the Series 7 test? And what are the things you should be thinking about to help so you won’t crack under pressure?

If you’re looking for answers, then we invite you to read more.

Apart From Studying, Confidence Also Play An Important Part To Passing An Exam

One thing to keep in mind is, the pressure is always there. It’s up to you how to cope up with it because the moment you succumb to pressure, the more likely you’ll experience mental block and forget all the things you’ve studied as you prepare for the Series 7 exam:

So here are some tips you need to follow to keep a positive mindset before the start of the examination:

1. Positive Imagery – Visualizing a successful outcome can boost confidence, as experts suggest. So try to picture out yourself passing the Series 7 to ease up your mood and reduce anxiety. So try thinking positive imagery about yourself passing the exams as this will definitely calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed.

Of course, your daydreaming must go hand-in-hand with hard work because if you did not study and you foresee yourself passing, then it will be hard to realize what you’re thinking.

2. Motivate Yourself By Looking Back On Your Preparation – How we’ll you’ve prepared for the Series 7 can also serve as a source of confidence before the test. And that’s because you’re telling yourself that there’s a good chance you’ll pass because you have studied after all.

Hence, reminding yourself of how you prepared before the test begins will build up confidence and make you feel in control of the situation. And as a result, your chance of passing will also increase.

3. Focus Only On Yourself – Don’t compare yourself to other examinees as this will only lead to negative thoughts. Instead, focus only on yourself and believe in yourself that you have what it takes to pass.

Sure, you may know someone who is smart and is also taking the Series 7 with you. But why bother? Just remind yourself of what you can do so you’ll be able to perform well during the exam.

4. See The Situation As A Challenge And NOT A Threat–Don’t perceive the Series 7 as a threat as this will only intimidate you. Instead, follow an “athlete’s mindset” by looking into the upcoming test as a challenge.

By reframing your mindset and viewing the exam as one of the many opportunities to succeed, you’ll have a better chance of passing the test.

5. Get Enough Rest The Night Before The Exam – Lastly, the quality and duration of sleep also play a crucial role in exam performance. That because a well-rested brain will be able to function better and help you remember the things you’ve studied.

Also, getting enough rest promotes better concentration and eliminates negative moods. So make sure to get enough sleep on the night before your scheduled Series 7 examination.

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