This is a very crucial period for women after embryo transfer and the fruits, foods or diet she takes will decide whether your IVF treatment will be successful or not. According to estimate about 1 in 8 women have trouble in getting pregnant. If you are ready to start or add new member in a family and you have tried all other fertility options but failed then IVF will be your best option to have biological baby. With the help of the modern technologies now it is possible to be fertilized and give birth to biological baby.

And here we will be discussing on foods and beverages to eat for a woman who went through IVF treatment.

Weeks wait for results after embryo transfer: - Embryo transfer is a process to transfer embryo
from lab to women uterus then we have to wait for 2 weeks to take blood test to see if IVF cycle was successful. Success means pregnancy and failure means another IVF attempt. And success of the attempt is completely depends on your diets and other physical exercises activities. So it is recommended that you have to stick on consulted guideline from your fertility doctor.
Ideal foods and beverages during IVF and embryo transfer: - After IVF treatment, you should focus on eating healthy and balanced foods and avoid eating heavy weight foods and vegetables. Some of the foods and vegetables are listed below to eat after embryo transfer.
Leafy greens

Sweet Potatoes
Low Fats Dairy Products
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Foods and Beverages You Should avoid: - During IVF treatment or after embryo transfer process, you should avoid eating below foods as these will affect success rate of IVF treatment and your pregnancy. Hence, it is advised to not eat/drink/smoke un-healthy foods and ingredients.
High Mercury Content
Soft Cheeses
Junk Foods,
Trans Fats (unsaturated fat)
Try to stick with whole foods and ingredients rather than processed foods with lots of sweeteners, colours, and ingredients.
When possible, consult with your fertility specialist for diets and other relevant measures. It would be added advantage if you will focus on relaxation because it will reduce stress and improve chances of pregnancy.

Conclusion: - If fertility problems arise, intervention can be attempted from simple fertility awareness methods to more advanced methods associated with the in vitro fertilization and these interventions are scientifically innovative. This is very important to focus more on eating healthy foods and beverages as mentioned above and time to time do relaxation activities like meditation, exercises, rest, etc. to avoid failure of IVF treatment and also ask for consultation with your fertility specialist.

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