No one wants their kids to feel underconfident about their bodies. The positive image should be prompted at a very early stage. any sort of negative comment shouldn’t lower their self-confidence. diverse various body types are should be accepted without any sort of body shamming or any disrespect towards a certain body type or a size which our society feels is not fine.

Don’t let your child walk into this world with a sense of disrespect towards the body they are gifted in whatever format.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, every size deserves respect and needs to be properly taken care of, as according to the top plastic surgeon in Mumbai , and the constant thriving to have a lean figure is not possible in every case.

There are many cases where it is witnessed that a young child is abstaining from eating her birthday cake as she fears to get fat.

Parents are the saviors in the life of the young ones, but if they abstain from taking the responsibilities for their child, they are going to lose their self-confidence in the long run. Let's take the common case where we witness the child of 16 years, wanting to pursue dieting to fit into the perfect world created by the society. The world they are going to step in is a tough world what is crucial is the rock-solid support from our part to make them ready to face adversities in the future.

We can offer them the gift of resilience to quickly get back to tracks after any sort of disruptive change or unfortunate event which has troubled their self-respect.

The lesson to accept oneself should be inculcated in them from an early stage. The habit to eat healthily and participate in physical exercises should be encouraged rather than the bare pursuit to lose weight. Never make any negative comment about the body part or size of any individual, this can cast a very negative dent to their overall self-confidence.

This reminds me of one such story narrated by a young woman who had two daughters one among them was lean named Sapna and the other one Salona. a bit healthy one. On one occasion Salona didn’t want to accompany the family to a family function, the reason being the constant bullying and the non-acceptance from the family’s side that made her quite uncomfortable. So, the brutal remarks or the playful ones can shatter the confidence of an individual.
The mentality to have the lean body is common there are many instances where we unknowingly destruct the confidence of our kids by body-shaming which is substantially going to affect the overall personality. So, fall in love with your body, accept it with grace. embrace it with love.

The common pick is the thinner women above the heavier ones. But the age-old perception needs to be altered. There isn’t any need to change the shape of your body if you wish to date, don’t fall into the world of disbelief, your attitude to carry yourself gracefully determines your beauty all other factors are just the variables not very crucial in determining your worth. Hold on to the principal of “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.
Redefine the term beautiful for them. Beauty is not all about the outer appearance. You are beautiful. Fall in love with someone who is not concerned with the outer beauty. Start to love every size and shape.

Protect your child from body shaming, inculcate strong values. So that they are strong enough to fight in a culture where unorganized eating is considered abnormal and weight stigma heavily persists. The strong foundation from the early stage can help them to stay fit in long run.

The principle you are going to inculcate in their fragile brains is going to reflect in their overall personality. What you say matters to them. Choose your words wisely.
You hold a very high power in the lives of your child. Weight is not a very major issue in the life of an individual, but the thoughts are, which play the major role. The attitude you pass down will strengthen their overall confidence and the relationship you share with your child.

Before calling someone, fat or insulting someone tries to understand the overall impact it can cause to someone's personality and how in the long-term the impact can be for them. Little fragile brains shouldn’t be insulted or harassed at least, not in terms of body or physical characteristic, period. Physical characteristics of any kind are not good or bad. The standards set by our society are illogical, fat and leanness are defined and set by us. Learn to embrace everybody, it is crucial that you understand that every size is a good size Period.
The negative connotation attached to the word fat is very dangerous. It creates hostility and anger which causes a ripple effect on the ones who are referred, it is no doubt hurtful. And finally, the host of confusion caused to an individual about their self-worth, and various other mixed feelings. The word fat in one context means something very bad and this perception need to be altered, the negative should overpower the positive remark, put a full stop to the bad feelings. Don’t go into the stage of depression due to your weight

Fall in love with yourself. Embrace yourself with dignity.

Author's Bio: 

Author’s bio
Rashmi Adwani based in Mumbai , has been writing for various healthcare units. She has been writing various blogs for the past two years on various social platforms. Her articles are mostly about the woman’s health awareness. Her interest in forming a strong perception around topics which need awareness is responsible beyond many exceptional articles. Right now she is working with CURRAE Hospital( in order to create awareness among masses women health.