It so happens at times that your lovely home might lack some structural integrity or might be monotonous when it comes to interiors. This is when you need to hire a professional architect or an interior designer. However, you might not understand the difference between both these professions. So let's make it simple for you.

If you want to build a new house or looking for home renovations in Gurgaon then you should know the contrast between both these professions. A professional architect and an interior designer are almost the same things but with slight difference. An architect designs the exterior part of the building and the interior designer gives a desired look to the interiors of the house like furniture, styling pattern and other accessories. However, let us know more in detail about the two professions.


- An architect develops the plan for designing various types of spaces and buildings. The primary work of any architect is based within the office environment. After completion of the plan, they need to travel to the site to look after the construction process. A professional architect is very good in problem-solving and analytical skills. They design the project which can perfectly fit the client’s demand and budget.

- If you are in search for the top architects in Gurgaon, make sure you for their websites on the internet and check portfolios to choose the best for you. Nowadays almost all architects and interior designers have set up their own office and websites for business purposes.

- Architects keep in mind the physics behind construction of a building or home, thereby introducing longevity and strength to the structure at given budget.

- Sometimes your schedule is very hectic and you don’t want to tangle yourself searching for professionals one after another. Then you can also go for the companies which provide combo facility like home renovations in Gurgaon including professional interior designing. They will handle the entire process from building of the house to its interior designing.

- Talking about the scheduling and duration, if you want your project to get completed as early as possible, then there are many turnkey contractors in Delhi NCR that can complete your building and hand it over as soon as possible within a set deadline.

Interior Designer

- Now, the work was done by an interior designer usually comes after or in association with the work done by the architect. The interior designer designs the internal sections of the house in a professional and creative way.

- The designers do some of the work in the office and execute all the plans on the site. They spend most of the work time in their concerned sites only.

- They pay close attention to details and make your house looks artistically beautiful from inside as well.

- You can search for the best designers in NCR, Delhi, and Gurgaon and compare them to see what fits actually with your budget.

If you fail to find a reliable architect or interior designer in your area, you can also visit interior design companies in Delhi. There are many companies in Delhi which can provide you a variety of choices and efficient service at the same time.

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