You must consider a few crucial factors before zeroing in on granny flat designs in Central Coast. What are they? Find out!

Granny flats can well be described as a significant trend to have emerged amidst soaring property prices. There might as well be some reasons why you may want a granny – “secondary” flat. You want to keep a separate lodging for guests.

Granny Flat Designs

You may think that your primary property is not big enough to accommodate the present number of family members. For most of us, however, granny flats are fast becoming a crucial part of our bigger scheme of things merely because we see these flats as definite money spinners as a part of the booming real estate.

Are you ready for your granny flat?

Are you in talks with contractors specialising in granny flat designs in Central Coast? If yes, then make sure you're going through this primer informing you about the things that you must consider before getting a granny flat built. Read on to unravel.

Granny Flats: Are you Considering these factors before building one?

The fundamental consideration that you have to take into view is – a granny flat can only be built as a secondary piece of property. If you want to own a granny flat, then do know for a fact that it can only be built as an extension of your primary residence. Here are other rudimentary details to start off with:

• They can only be made on residential properties 450 square meters in size (minimum)

• You can end up sharing your pool, patio or other outdoor aspects

• You cannot use commercial or subdivided properties to build granny flat

• The size of the flat must be restricted to 60sq cm

• You need to refer to the State council permits to either attach granny homes to the central dwellings or to convert the garage or have a new building

The ease (or difficulty) of getting approved

Is it difficult to get permits for granny flats? Initial research might as well lead to contradictory answers. While some sources might as well tell you that it's tough other resources will tell you that it's quite easy. The key is to estimate the level of difficulty correctly in this case.

Please know for a fact that it is neither too difficult nor too easy to get things done in this regard. There are a few Australian states and councils that have stringent building regulations in place. However, do let us tell you that the introduction of WA, NSW, ACT, TAS and NT has only gone on to lead to an increase in the supply of affordable rental properties.

This, in turn, means that getting approval for granny flats have only got easier – but provided you meet the criteria as mentioned above.

What else should you find out about Central Coast granny flats? Read the next segment to unravel.

Your Financing Options

At the heart of the successful project is your access to the right financing option. Do let us tell you that there are a lot of options that you can avail – including refinancing your existing loan, home loan equity and construction loan. Do educate yourself about your options thoroughly before getting your hands on one of them.

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The author Ron Spencer is a construction specialist dealing with Central Coast granny flats. You can turn to the related blogs to find out about the laws governing granny flat designs in Central Coast.