You are a big admirer of motorcycles, you have one for many years and you are proficient in riding, but now you feel that you need some more exciting hobby that requires superior skills, with more adrenaline and more adventure. In this case dirt biking is the next step to upgrade your full - throttle passion. But even if you are sure that dirt bike is the step you want to take, don’t rush impulsively into this dirt bike games buying the most glittering bike - there are many points that should be considered before you decide what is best for you and what answers best to your needs and your abilities. There is a large choice of bikes - different brands, styles and colours, sizes and potency, so it would be better to choose smart.

Decide which features you prefer. On the first place is the selection of engine - you can get a two - stroke engine or a four - stroke engine. Two strokes are lighter and more powerful so they are easier to handle. On other hand four stroke engines are more fuel efficient and last longer, but for a beginner, is better to choose two-stroke engine. That way is easier to accommodate on riding such a powerful thing and to get valuable experience. Whet it comes about the power of the engine, you probably thought that you’d like to have the highest-powered model on the market, but think twice, this is also related to your security so choose wisely - it would be best to start with a conservative level of power - CC level between 200 and 300. When you gain enough experience you are free to take maximum amount of power, about 600 CCs.

You have chosen the engine, next is to make sure that your bike is equipped properly, check the quality of the body, the type of the tires, they should react properly on shocks and suspension.

Before you buy a bike, compulsorily sit on it. Sit on many different types, so you realize on which you feel most comfortable with you weigh and shape. Is recommendable to take a test drive, if you are offered this opportunity, but is in adverse case, demand that. You are not going to change bikes every week, so choose the best.

And the appearance of the bike is the last thing. Some riders like trendy bikes, but that is not important at all. You can customize the appearance of machines that are built to last, not to visually impress.

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