Today it's nearly impossible to avoid exposure to all the ab machines that are so widely advertised everywhere you look. Lots of people want impressive and toned abs without having to slave away in the gym all day, and many machines promise to make this possible. What follows is a comparison of a few ab machines that are widely sold and advertised nowadays.

While elliptical machines don't specifically target the abs, they are one of the most efficient all around fitness machines you can get. Whether you use one of these machines at home or at the gym, it will help you burn fat and give you a complete workout. Elliptical machines are better than most ab machines for losing weight, because you're getting an aerobic workout similar to jogging or riding a bike, but with less risk for your ankles and knees. As you swing the handles back and forth, you're also giving your upper body and arms a good workout. Elliptical machines are great if you want more than just an ab workout, and they also help you to lose weight.

If you're looking for a quality ab machine that even quite a few gyms have, you might be interested in the Ab Coaster. While it has good reviews from consumers for its quality, it's not the cheapest machine you can buy. The advantage of this machine is that all of your ab muscles are worked when you use it. The motion is simple, and involves kneeling and pulling up your knees, but this gets all the muscle groups around the abdomen involved. This machine is expertly designed to ensure you make the movement in the most advantageous way, and so that other parts of your body aren't unduly strained. Most people who want an Ab Coaster for personal use choose the Home rather than the Elite model, as both give you the same benefits but the Elite model is larger and costs more.

Crunches are a classic ab exercise that present certain problems, including safety, but the Ab Rocket (not to be confused with Ab Rocker) is a machine that lets you do this type of exercise in a safer and less tedious way. This is an easy workout to do, as you only have to lean backwards, while your head and neck are well supported, and your abdominal muscles are worked. This machine even gives you a back massage with special rollers while you're working out your abs. If you order the Ab Rocket, you receive a DVD that gives you complete instructions on how to get the most from it. This is a machine that won't take up too much of your time, as a good workout only takes five minutes.

We've looked at a few ab machines that might be good for you, but you have to consider your own goals, preferences and budget. You have to consider, for example, whether your main goal is to lose weight, tone your abs or exercise your entire body. So shop around and consider the features of the different ab machines you see, as well as the reputation of the brands..

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